On August 2nd Open Space Manager Juan Guzman presented the Cooperative Agreement between Muscle Powered and Carson City to the Carson City Board of Supervisors for approval. Included in the Agreement is that Carson City will provide workers compensation for volunteers working on City land. The Agreement passed with a unanimous vote, with Mayor Bob, Shelly Aldean and Karen Abowd praising Muscle Powered’s efforts.
Muscle Powered signed a Volunteer Service Agreement with the U.S.F.S in June and Muscle Powered crews have been building trail on U.S.F.S land since June 29th. Our crews have been working on a difficult section of trail preparing a safe route for volunteers to get to the work site. We should have this section finished by next week.
The Great Basin Institute (NCC Trail Crew) will start building trail on August 6th. Construction will begin at the top of Waterfall Rd and work north towards Ash Cyn. They’re available for two weeks, with the possibility of working an additional week at the end of August. This will give NCC crew leaders an idea of what to expect for next year’s build season.
If you would like to sign up for upcoming trail work days please contact me at