12141608_419103968275467_6596780172820436405_nWith the high winds that we have in Nevada, trash ends up blowing around and settling in places where it shouldn’t. The Wellness Mile located at the Carson Tahoe Medical complex has suffered the consequences of this very situation. Along the walking path, there is a large amount of trash that has collected in areas where wildlife should be living. Please come out and help us clean this area up so that it is both aesthetically beautiful and healthy for the ecosystem.
Location: Carson Tahoe Wellness Mile Park
Date/Time: Saturday, May 21st from 8-9 am
The Trash Mob will be at the Carson Tahoe Wellness Mile Park. The trailhead is approximately 50 yards north of the intersection of Medical Pkwy and Presti Ln. Parking is also available on the east side of Medical Pkwy at the same intersection. Trash bags, work gloves, and “grabbers” will be provided.
Click here for a map of the location.