On March 7th, Muscle Powered attended the Carson City Environmental Fair, an event put on by one of the Carson City High School students. We had an informational table setup, and shared the fair with other groups like the US Forest Service, Full Circle Compost, and The Greenhouse Garden Center.

Environmental Fair
The Muscle Powered Table
We talked to many people over the course of a few hours, and many people were interested to look at our Muscle Powered Bicycle Route Map (available for download on the Resources Page). The conversations had a common theme…they wanted to discuss safe bicycling routes around town.
As a full time bicycle commuter I can certainly relate. While there are many new bicycle paths and bicycle lanes developing around town, they are still very localized. Getting around in your own neighborhood safely is improving, but if you’re trying to get across town, you’ll likely run into dangerous situations. Especially around the commuting hours, cyclists can expect conditions that take expert bike handling skills and quick reaction times. Finding a safe route can take you several blocks out of your way.

Environmental Fair
The Fair was held in the Carson High Gym
The Environmental Fair was another great public outreach for Muscle Powered, and was a reaffirmation that there is still much to do to make Carson City a safe town for muscle powered travel.