On April 4th, Muscle Powered board members got together to hike the Ash Canyon trail network. A few friends came along too, including Kerstin Wolle, president of the Carson Valley Trails Association.

MP Hike in Ash Canyon
At the Trailhead
Earlier in the year, Muscle Powered attended the CVTA annual meeting, a presentation showcasing the wonderful trail network they have built in the Jobs Peak area. We were inspired at the number of attendees at the meeting. It was standing room only, the building full of enthusiastic supporters for trails in the Carson Valley. On the way home we decided we needed to do something like this in Carson City, and wondered if Muscle Powered would be the ones to do it.

MP Hike in Ash Canyon
Climbing the 7 Steps Trail
After much discussion between the Muscle Powered board members, we had a meeting with Carson City Parks and Recreation and Mark Kimbrough from the Tahoe Rim Trail Association. We explored the possibilities of Muscle Powered branching out to become a trails organization. Mark shared his trail building wisdom, and Parks and Recreation was excited about the idea of forming a trails partnership with Muscle Powered. The plan would be to start off simple; adopt an existing trail and maintain it. The sites are currently set on portions of the Ash Canyon trails that are on city land.

MP Hike in Ash Canyon
Ash Canyon
Saturday’s hike was a great opportunity to present the trail to all the Muscle Powered board members, and meet a few new friends. The blue sky offered great views of the snow capped mountains, and signs of spring were everywhere. Green grass, flowers, new buds on the trees, and a swift running Ash Canyon Creek. Normally I ride this loop on my bicycle, but it was nice to walk the trail for a change. My son came along, and he had a great time. The loop trail we did was the perfect length for a family outing.
Much still needs to be done, and many things would need to fall into place for Muscle Powered to adopt a trail, but we’re off to a good start. Stay tuned for further developments.
More pictures from the hike can be found HERE.