We need your vote. Beginning tomorrow, September 25, 2018, please click on this link (note: the link won’t work until Tuesday, 9/25/2018) and vote for Muscle Powered to receive the 2018 NV Energy Power of Good Giveaway. The money will be used to conduct research along Secret Trail, identifying the most resilient native species of plants. The findings will be shared with local and regional land managers to help benefit trail building efforts in the Eastern Sierra. You can vote once per day. Voting is only open for four days, so please maximize your voting potential and vote each day.

In keeping with our mission of building a more walkable and bikeable community, Muscle Powered, in partnership with Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space, will conduct a reseeding project along a portion of Secret Trail in the Eastern Sierra foothills. Dr. Johanna Foster, an ecologist and Board member of Muscle Powered will lead the collaborative effort to analyze which native plant species are most successful at regeneration. Research results will help land managers develop sustainable trail designs, and will be used for training and educational purposes with a goal of benefiting future recovery efforts on local trail systems.