Vicky Pritchett has volunteered to bring back the Muscle Powered sponsored road rides! Vicky plans to start off with some easy loops around Washoe Valley starting on March 7th, and then gradually build the mileage in preparation for the Chico Wildflower Century at the end of April (a fantastic ride!).

Old 395Old 395 in Washoe Valley

Here’s a look at the schedule:
3/7 @ 10:00 – Meet at Bower’s Mansion: 1-2 loops around Franktown
3/20 @ 10:00 – Meet at park in Genoa: Genoa to Cottonwoods, 20 miles
3/27 @ 10:00 – Meet at Bower’s Mansion – Loop around Washoe Lake, 24 miles
4/3 @ 10:00 – Meet at Mormon Station Park in Genoa – Genoa to Woodfords, back River Road, Approx 40 miles
4/10 @ 10:00 – Meet at Mormon Station Park in Genoa: Genoa to to Woodfords, back Diamond Valley Loop, approx 44 miles
4/17 @ 10:00 – Meet at Target: Target to Cottonwoods, Approx 40 miles
4/25 Chico Wildflower Ride in Chico, CA

Carson River Road south of Carson Valley

To participate in these rides, you must be a Muscle Powered member. Not only does membership with Muscle Powered allow you to participate in Muscle Powered exclusive events like walks and bicycle rides, memberships and donations provide the primary source of funding for Muscle Powered projects. Additionally, larger membership gives us more clout and influence in city projects. A membership form can be found HERE. Vickie should have some membership forms available at the beginning of the ride as well.