The daily operations of non-profit organizations often depend on the generosity of others, and no one realizes that more than the former Treasurer of Muscle Powered, Marcus Marchegger. In January of this year, the current President of Muscle Powered, Kelly Clark, received an email from Marcus stating his intention to make a donation to the organization. Marcus is the owner of Capitol Automotive, a former member of the Board of Directors of Muscle Powered, and himself an avid cyclist. Up until the point when Kelly Clark received the email from Marcus, Muscle Powered had designated names for the various levels of donation amounts that had come in from local donors. But when Marcus revealed his intention to donate $3,000 to Muscle Powered by making monthly donations of $250 each over the entire calendar year of 2017, Muscle Powered had to scramble to come up with a new name for this level of philanthropy. Capitol Automotive is now considered a “Benefactor” by Muscle Powered.
On Wednesday, March 8th, several members of the Board of Directors of Muscle Powered gathered at Capitol Automotive to present Marcus Marchegger with a commemorative plaque in appreciation for his generous contribution. Additionally, a few of the board members kicked in to buy pizza and sodas for the crew working at his shop. It’s a small token of appreciation in comparison with the generosity that Marcus has shown Muscle Powered, but the board felt that a certificate and a thank you note were just not enough to show their gratefulness for what Capitol Automotive has done for the promotion of cycling and pedestrian interests in the community.
Thank you to Marcus Marchegger and Capitol Automotive.
Board of Directors
Muscle Powered