Bike Lane on Old Clear Creek Rd

As part of a recent project to reconstruct part of Old Clear Creek Rd and enhance Fuji Park, there is now a bike lane on the south side of Old Clear Creek Rd between Carson St/Hwy 395 and Vista Grande Blvd. There was already a bike lane on the north side of Old Clear Creek. Along the boundary of Fuji Park and the Carson City Fairgrounds, diagonal parking and a bus pullout lane were added, along with landscaping of rock, trees, and shrubs. Wide, inviting sidewalks were also installed.
This section of road, shown on the Carson City Bicycle Route Map as alternate (yellow) could now be upgraded to principal (green). Though it has not yet been designated or signed, this section is a logical continuation of Bicycle Route 395 which now ends just before it reaches Carson St/Hwy 395 at the signal intersection on Lupin Dr. There are plans for a bike route southward along Vista Grande Blvd to connect with Jacks Valley Rd, but it was assumed that this would be completed as part of the development the retail area which has ceased for now.