the ride group at top of the last hill coming back

Vickie Pritchett has led a series of rides for Muscle Powered this spring, working up to a trip to the Chico Wildflower ride in Chico, California on April 25. The group completed its last conditioning ride yesterday, riding from the Target on Jacks Valley Rd to The Cottonwoods, a group of trees at the junction of Foothill Rd and Fredericksburg Rd in the Carson Valley. The day was nearly perfect, just the right temperature, very little wind, spectacular scenery, and not much traffic.
The forty miles left everyone a bit tired, but exhilarated, and looking forward to next weekend. Some will ride the Flatflower 60 (60 miles of flat farmland), some the Mildflower 65 (65 miles with one significant hill), and some the Wildflower 100 (100 miles with several hills).
Vickie will offer another series of rides in May and June, but the schedule has not been set yet. Check back for details. You can always link to our Muscle Powered / Bike Carson calendar. We welcome ideas for other rides as well. We all talked yesterday about riding up Kingbury Grade and other pass rides, but aren’t sure we are ready to tackle that yet. For those looking for something more ambitious than Muscle Powered rides (more hills, longer distances, faster pace), we recommend you check out our friends Alta Alpine Cycling Club.