Muscle Powered rack at Curry & Telegraph

The eleventh Muscle Powered yellow bike rack has just been installed, at the northwest corner of Curry St and Telegraph St, downtown.
This rack was donated to the city by Muscle Powered and Anne and Chas Macquarie, and was installed by Carson City Public Works on a public sidewalk area (it is out of the flow of traffic, though, as it should be). We hope to see it getting used, so head on down town, park your bike, and visit the local businesses.
We’ll have news of two more racks within two weeks, as well as a possible renewal of Muscle Powered’s yellow bike rack program with new racks.
There is a database of bike racks in Carson City, complemented by a Google Map of the locations. With this rack, the number of known bike rack locations is 106, though some locations have more than one rack.