Muscle Powered, along with Flume Trail Bikes and the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Backcountry Patrol, came out this past weekend to assist Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Ranger Bill Champion in building a portion of the Hobart Link Trail.
Max at the switchback
With 2,000 feet new trail built, including a switchback, the Back Country Trail Work Camp was a big success. We now have a total of 5,030 feet of the Hobart Link Trail completed.
Fiona, Monica, Donna, Susan
I could tell you about our blisters, aching muscles and hangovers from the Trail
Work Camp, but instead I’ll just share the photos from our weekend.
Marlette Overlook Sunday Morning
Morning ride before trail work.
Bill would like to thank everyone who came out to help;
Jay, Wade, Jody, Max Jones, Susan, Fiona, Donna, Oli, Skip, Garret, Jacob, Kevin Joell, Mike, Al, Monica, and Raj.
Sunday's Crew At The End Of The Day.   Photo Courtesy of Bill Champion
Photo courtesy of Bill Champion
Thanks to Cliff Bar for donating a case of Cliff Crunch Granola Bars.
end of the day
Bill at the end of the day