You use them. Now’s your chance to do your part and maintain them. Help keep the walkways and bike paths of Carson City beautiful and free of litter. This Saturday, February 20th, from 8-9am at Greenbelt Park, just north of Office Depot and PetSmart along the south end of Stewart St, Muscle Powered will be holding a Trash Mob.
Map of location
Trash Mobs are a grass-roots community effort to keep the walkways and bike paths around Carson City free of littler. For just one hour (8-9 am) on the third Saturday of each month (weather permitting), Muscle Powered holds the events. Volunteers who are supplied with work gloves and trash bags by Muscle Powered staff remove litter from areas used by citizens of Carson City for recreational purposes such as walking, jogging, or cycling. Give back to your community by volunteering. Join Muscle Powered in helping to keep Carson City beautiful.