A grand total of 24 volunteers removed approximately 200 lbs. of trash from a one mile stretch of the bike path in one hour.

Plan it and they will come. That’s what happened this month as Muscle Powered held the first Trash Mob of 2017. The January and February Trash Mobs fell victim to the snow and rains that caused major flooding in the area and have been wreaking havoc with our local trail systems. But this month the weather cooperated and volunteers who have been suffering from cabin fever made it a point to get out and help clean up the multi-use paved path along Hwy 50 on the east side of town.


Volunteers removing trash along the Hwy 50 East Bike Path

Twenty-four volunteers showed up to assist with the cleanup. It was a pleasant surprise to see that many people sacrificing time out of their weekend to volunteer to clean up trash. When it was all said and done, approximately 200 lbs. of garbage had been removed from a one mile stretch of the paved path that runs along the north side of Hwy 50 East. Our partners at Parks, Recreation, and Open Space were key to the Trash Mob’s success. They supplied the safety vests that everyone wore, and removed the trash for us after it had been bagged and staged.


The youngest eco-warrior of the group, Patrick Broussard, gets his hands dirty helping out with the cleanup efforts.

If you’d like to get involved with the Trash Mobs, the next one will be held along the Freeway Multi-Use path near Home Depot, off College Parkway. Normally the Trash Mobs are held on the third Saturday of the month, but due to the Easter weekend, we’ll be moving the Trash Mob to Saturday, April 22nd which is Earth Day. (Doesn’t that work out well?) We’ll meetup in the parking lot between Dotty’s Casino and U.S. Bank and remove trash along the fence line of the paved path. Meetup time will be at 9:00 am again. Keep an eye out on Muscle Powered’s social media sites as well as the normal media outlets.
Thanks again to all the volunteers who participated in the cleanup, our partners at Parks, Recreation, and Open Space, and to and the Nevada Appeal for promoting the event for us.