Have you heard about the volunteers who have been cleaning up litter around Carson City? Maybe you’ve seen a group of people removing trash early one Saturday morning and wondered who was behind the effort. Well, chances are you were a witness to a Trash Mob.

Trash Mobs are a community-based volunteer effort sponsored by Muscle Powered. The project is modeled after flash mobs. But instead of dancing, the participants clean up trash. The Trash Mob volunteers (also refereed to as ‘Mobsters’) gather on the third Saturday of each month from 8-9 am at predetermined locations coordinated through social media. By keeping the events brief it is the goal of Muscle Powered to maximize participation in the project and in turn, maximize the effectiveness of the clean-up efforts.

Since July the Trash Mob project has spent 68 man hours cleaning the hiking and biking paths in Carson City, and volunteers have removed approximately 900 lbs of trash. Muscle Powered has partnered with the Carson City Parks & Recreation department who have supported the Trash Mobs by removing the trash after volunteers have gathered and bagged the littler. This month Parks & Rec will also be providing reflective safety vests for the volunteers who will be cleaning up littler along the paved multi-use path that runs parallel to Lincoln Highway on the east side of Carson City.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer should meet the group at Arrow Head and Hwy 50 on Saturday, November 21st at 8 am. There is a small dirt turn out approximately 50 yards north of the intersection on the west side of Arrow Head Dr. that will be used for parking. At 8 am there will be a 5-minute safety brief before volunteers begin collecting trash. Reflective vests, work gloves, and trash bags will be provided. Be sure to check the local weather report and dress appropriately.

Who: All are invited to attend
What: Trash Mob clean up effort
When: Saturday, November 21st from 8-9 am
Where: For a map of the meet-up location, click here.
Why: To keep Carson City clean and safe for everyone

For further information, go to the Muscle Powered web site or visit their Facebook page.