Here’s a look at what happened over the weekend…
Bike Commuter Forum
Friday night was the Bike Commuter Forum at the Bike Habitat. The audience was made up folks that already commute by bike. I had envisioned this event being attended by people new to commuting, but having the group we did actually worked out pretty good. It was great to hear everyone’s commuting stories, and everyone had a different one. We really do live in a culture built around the automobile, so things that should be simple like bike storage and safe routes become challenging. Dennis Coyne was an excellent host, providing us with treats and barley pops. After the forum, a bunch of us bicycle convoyed back through town for a fun night ride, including my 7 year old son. He’s a good stoker on the tandem.
At the Bike Smith
On Saturday morning, I met up with Jeff Potter down at the Bike Smith for the Safety Inspection/Bike Fit/Flat Tire Fix. We hung out with Mickey, Rob, and Bob from the shop, and soaked in some sun out in front of the store. We met fellow Carson blogger Roger and his buddy Mark. Roger was showing off his 1971 Schwinn Typhoon, and Mark picked up some new knobbies for his moutain bike.
Early risers Jason and Tasha showed up before I did, and got their raffle tickets. They’ve been at every event, and are probably tired too!
Movie Night at Comma Coffee
Saturday Night was Movie Night at Comma Coffee. This was the biggest event to date, and even attracted some friends from Reno and other outlying areas. Every seat was full for a showing of Off Road to Athens. It was great to see such a good turnout, and chat with people after the movie.
The next big event for Bike to Work Week will be the Wednesday night social ride on Carson City’s west side. More details soon…