BicycleLaneWinnieAlong with the recent slurry seal (repaving) projects going on in the northwest part of Carson City, which is part of the city’s effort to preserve and extend its road investment, Winnie Lane between Carson Street and Mountain Street was striped with bike lanes. The stripes are bright, and the lane is marked with the bike symbol. The lane was even done correctly as it approaches Carson Street, with skip lines (broken or dashed) to indicate a merge of traffic to the right turn lane. This is how it is supposed to be done! Winnie Lane to the west of Mountain Street is already designated a Principal Route (green) on the Carson City Bicycle Route Map (see Resource page above for links). Winnie Lane to the east is wide enough for safe bicycling, but then you get to Roop Street, which is not yet, but may be in the future as a project to the north will add a path and to the south there may be re-striping or shared lanes to make it safe.
Thank you, Carson City Public Works, for the new bicycle lane!