3 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. I’m interested in the bicycling program for the novice cyclist. Please let me know when these rides will begin. thank you

  2. I am new in Carson…Only interested in finding people to walk with and finding the location of different trails. Do I have to become a member just to walk with someone and enjoy the great outdoors? I am not interested in working on my day off for an organization because I am exhausted fromwork and my allergies. How do I find walking partners through this organization?

  3. You do not need to be a member in order to participate in walks/hikes. Although we are an advocacy group, as opposed to a walking, biking, or hiking group I do currently lead 2 programs. I see that you did check out the calendar. Since you work you probably are not available for the morning walking program that I lead for Carson City Parks and Recreation. The afternoon conditioning hikes will be moving to 5:30 and then to 5:45 after the time change and you are welcome to join those. You can find them on the calendar (Tuesday evenings) or pick up a flyer at the community pool at Roop and Williams. I will start leading a bicycle ride Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. starting from the community center at Roop and Williams when it gets a bit warmer, keep an eye on the calendar. And we do plan some hikes this summer. On the Home page click on the link to receive emails and you will be added to the list and get notices also.

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