A Call to Action


Dear Muscle Powered,

Over the next couple of days, there are two items of interest to local bicyclists that will be considered at public meetings. The people who serve us need to know what we want so they can be effective in carrying out their jobs. We need your support to make public comment on the following issues.

South Carson Complete Streets Project

At the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) meeting on Wednesday (approximately 5 pm in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center), Public Works will present the 90% design completion for the South Carson Complete Streets project. The roundabout included in the project presents some concerns, and we need your voice there to make public comment.

The design has a dedicated northbound travel lane for vehicles that peels off to Stewart St making it very hard for cyclists to enter the roundabout. Northbound cyclists approaching the roundabout have to leave the protected multi-use path and cross the dedicated traffic lane to get to the roundabout. We would like to see the elimination of the dedicated lane for a right turn on to Stewart St, and instead have all vehicles enter the roundabout. This configuration mirrors the southbound approach lanes which have sharper curves and thus encourage lower rates of vehicular speed. Additionally, northbound cyclists would not have to cross a traffic lane and could enter the roundabout in a much more safe manner. The consultant firm (Kimley Horn) is designing the roundabout and feels the dedicated lane will make vehicles flow more smoothly on to Stewart St. In reality, this will increase the automobiles’ rate of speed and most cyclists will end up going to the end of the multi-use path and then be forced to dismount to use the crosswalk.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Position

On Thursday, in the same location, the Board of Supervisors is meeting and there is an item of concern on the agenda. Public Works is proposing the elimination of the dedicated Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position. Currently, Public Works intends to change the position to a Traffic Planner/Analyst. Instead of taking a step backward and reducing the effectiveness of the bike/ped program, we would like to see Carson City continue to grow as a bicycle-friendly community with a dedicated Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator. Having that position within Public Works gives cyclists and pedestrians a voice at the table when engineers are designing Carson City streets with only automobiles in mind.

It’s hard to tell exactly what time the agenda item will be discussed, but the best guess is approximately 10 am.

Staff Summary: Staff is requesting approval to eliminate the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator (P1) position and to create a new Transportation Planner/Analyst position (P2). This position is grant funded with Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds for the Safe Routes to School Program. NDOT has confirmed this change will not jeopardize the grant funding, and the salary increase can be supported by the available grant funding.  

Thanks for helping us to make Carson City a more walkable and bikeable place to live.


Randy Gaa
President, Muscle Powered


CAMPO / RTC Meeting Alert

There are a few items on June’s CAMPO/RTC agenda that are important Carson City pedestrians and cyclists! Please take the time from your busy schedule to attend these meetings and show your support for these important projects. Your presence and voice really do make a difference!

Ride with the City Supervisors

On the agenda:

  • Safe Routes to School
  • Freeway Multi-Use Path
  • Bicycle Friendly Community application review

When: June 8th, 4:30 PM
Where: Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room (west side of the building)

Full meeting agendas can be viewed here:

CAMPO Agenda
RTC Agenda

20 is plenty!

20 mph residential street

I love StreetFilms! There is nothing like the visual to cause one to reconsider what one thinks one knows. And here is a film short on 20 mph speeds on residential streets in England, the 20 is Plenty, For Us campaign. Most of the streets shown either were narrow to begin with, or have traffic calming measures installed, so our widest streets in Carson City would need something done to them to make this practical. Just imagine, though, drivers and bicyclists and pedestrians sharing streets as common space rather than funnels for impatience and pollution.

Watch the video here: 20’s Penty For Us from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Muscle Powered NEWS

Muscle Powered was BUSY last week! Here’s a look at what went on.

Bike to Work Week

Read the 2010 Bike to Work Week Wrap up over on BikeCarson.com. Many people showed up for our events throughout the week in spite of the crummy weather!

West Carson Cruiser Ride
West Carson Cruiser Ride

Carson City Corporate Commuter Challenge

The driving force behind Bike to Work Week is the Corporate Commuter Challenge. This year, Carson City cyclists completed 987 trips by bike and logged in 3,234.26 miles! Big change happens from many people doing little things.

Read about Tammy Steele’s solo victory in the Nevada Appeal: Carson woman cruises to victory in Bike to Work challenge.

Also check out the complete 2010 Corporate Challenge results over on BikeCarson.com.

Bike to Work Week Party
The Bike Smith stripped Red Rock Dental of their title.

Bicycle Friendly Community

On May 20th, Muscle Powered’s Dan Allison went before the Carson City Board of Supervisors and gave them our Bicycle Friendly Community presentation.  In the end, the Board voted to sign the action plan to become a BFC, and had many good things to say about Muscle Powered’s efforts in our community!  Here is the recent press from the Nevada Appeal:

Muscle Powered receives the “Silver Dollar” award from the Nevada Appeal!

Silver dollar: To Muscle Powered, a local group dedicated to increasing biking and walking in Carson City. They received support from the Board of Supervisors to make a formal application to the League of American Bicyclists for Carson City to receive an official designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community. This is one of several movements afoot that could bring positive attention and tourist dollars to Carson City, along with the V&T Railroad and the new whitewater launch on the Carson River. Geotourism holds tremendous potential for Carson City, and it will be exciting to watch the progress our community makes in creating a world-class destination for outdoor enthusiasts and train buffs alike.

Also in the Nevada Appeal: Carson eyeing two-wheeled tourists

Muscle Powered Ride

Sat, May 29, 10:00am – 12:30pm

Paul will be leading a Muscle Powered road ride this weekend, starting at Bower’s Mansion parking lot and riding 21 miles around Washoe lake. Short snack break half way through in Washoe City at the Postal Cafe or 7-11. For those looking for a longer ride, there is an additional loop that adds 12 miles to the ride. Email me for more details. Weather permitting and helmet required! Hope to see you there! -Paul pzatarain9th@yahoo.com

BFC to the Board of Supervisors May 20

BFC signThe Carson City Board of Supervisors will consider Bicycle Friendly Community status at their regular meeting on Thursday, May 20. The Carson City Regional Transportation Commission approved the action plan (which is a letter of commitment) in April, and now it is the board’s turn.

As with RTC, a show of interest from the bicycling community in Carson City will make a big difference, so we’d like to see you there. Yes, it is during the work day for many of you. The meeting starts at 8:30AM, and our agenda item is 18 (out of 30), but I don’t have an estimate of when it will come up. If you can attend but only spare a limited amount of time, you can email me (allisondan52 at gmail.com) ahead of time, and I will reply when the item is getting close. The meeting is in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center, at 851 E William St (don’t be fooled by Google, the center is west of the location shown on the map).

The Action Plan is just the first of several steps leading Carson City to apply for and be designated a bicycle friendly community, but Muscle Powered, Carson City Public Works staff, and the RTC are already on board. The Muscle Powered BFC Committee will be supporting staff in developing the detailed documentation necessary for the main application.

18. Public Works

Action to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities in support of pursuing designation for Carson City as a Bicycle Friendly Community. (Patrick Pittenger)

Staff Summary: The signing of the Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities is the first step in the application process toward designation for Carson City as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. A member of the group that is requesting that an application be submitted on behalf of Carson City will present the merits of the Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign and describe the application process.

Bicycle Friendly Community Presentation

Muscle Powered will be giving a Bicycle Friendly Community presentation to the Regional Transportation Commission this Wednesday, April 14th, at the Carson City Community Center. A Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) is a designation awarded by the League of American Bicyclists to communities that have proven to posses safe accommodations for cycling, and that encourage people to bike for transportation and recreation.

Muscle Powered will present the BFC application process to the city and explain the benefits of being a BFC. The BFC application will provide a comprehensive picture of our community by asking questions across five categories often referred to as the “Five Es”. These categories are Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation & Planning. A community must demonstrate achievements in these areas in order to be considered for an award. Communities with more significant achievements in these areas receive superior awards.

Please attend the meeting if you can. Learn more about the BFC process, and show the city that you support the project!

Wednesday, April 14th
Carson City Community Center
Corner of Roop and HWY 50
Sierra Room (northwest entrance of the building)
The RTC meeting starts after the CAMPO meeting which begins at 5:30pm (probably around 6PM)

Bicycle Friendly in other places

Here are a few links to Bicycle Friendly Community efforts and status in other places. If you have links to recommend, please comment with them, and they’ll be added to the list.