New Bike Rack at Curry and Proctor Streets

With the great restaurants, brewery, and almost nightly entertainment downtown, bicycle parking is in high demand along Curry Street. It’s not uncommon to see bikes locked to lamp posts, trash cans, and anything else solid people can find. To help alleviate the bike parking problem, Muscle Powered has installed a bike rack at Curry and Proctor Streets.

Muscle Powered Rack at Curry and Proctor Streets
Shawne Martinez prepares to install the bike rack

This rack had been previously installed on the other side of town, but sadly, the restaurant went out of business. Shawne Martinez lent Muscle Powered his expertise, and got the rack relocated for us.  This rack will accommodate at least a couple bikes on each side, while still leaving plenty of room for sidewalk users.

Muscle Powered Rack at Curry and Proctor Streets
Rack installed and ready for use

Muscle Powered has had requests for more bike racks around town, but all of the Muscle Powered racks are now in use. These racks were made locally several years ago, but due to their design, were quite expensive. There are similar designs available from national vendors that even have the option to include a company logo. But while the cost of the racks may be cheaper, shipping charges would drive the costs back up.

Muscle Powered
New bike rack throws a great evening shadow

One option may be to change the design of the racks, so that they can be made locally for cheaper. Another benefit of this option would be that we could better match a rack with it’s planned location and expected capacity. A simple inverted U-shaped rack may be all that is needed at some locations, while a rack that locks six bikes may work better somewhere else. Whatever decision is made, the racks would be modern, both in design and proper placement. The old style racks placed up against a wall that only hold a front wheel just aren’t adequate in most situations.

What do you think? What’s most important to you? Is there a rack shape that works best for you? Is style important, or would you just like to see more racks regardless of the design? Where in Carson City would you like to see a bike rack?


Biking to the Grocery Store

A post on Steven Can Plan on grocery store bike racks in Chicago inspired me to write about Carson City. There are eleven stores that I’ll include. I’m listing them by geography, north to south, and at the end I’ll make some recommendations. I’ve also added notes about public transit, the JAC bus system.

For information on other bicycle racks, see the Carson City Bicycle Rack database. For bike route information, see the Carson City Bicycle Route Map online or available at local bike stores, or use the bicycling layer routing function in Google Maps, which is incomplete for Carson City but still useful.

Save Mart Supermarkets North

Save Mart Supermarkets North (3620 N Carson St): RACKS (A) – Two sets of wave bike racks are available near the south door, with a good location and visibility. These thick pipe racks can be a little hard to lock to, but they are better than most. ACCESS – College Parkway has bike lanes to the west and east. Carson St has wide shoulders for biking, however, they are not designated bike lanes and the traffic speed can be uncomfortable for many people. For neighborhoods southwest, the easiest access is to use a pass-through on Wagner St to Oak Ridge Dr. For the east, College is the best place to cross Carson St, though you need to be aware of right turning traffic both westbound and eastbound. Crossing Carson at Nye or Silver Oak is not recommended because there is no signal control at these intersections. TRANSIT – The store is accessible on JAC routes 1 (red) and 2A/2B (green).

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Rack ’em up

Muscle Powered rack at Curry & Telegraph

The eleventh Muscle Powered yellow bike rack has just been installed, at the northwest corner of Curry St and Telegraph St, downtown.

This rack was donated to the city by Muscle Powered and Anne and Chas Macquarie, and was installed by Carson City Public Works on a public sidewalk area (it is out of the flow of traffic, though, as it should be). We hope to see it getting used, so head on down town, park your bike, and visit the local businesses.

We’ll have news of two more racks within two weeks, as well as a possible renewal of Muscle Powered’s yellow bike rack program with new racks.

There is a database of bike racks in Carson City, complemented by a Google Map of the locations. With this rack, the number of known bike rack locations is 106, though some locations have more than one rack.

New Bike Racks

CityHall1Carson City Public Works has installed several new bicycle racks around Carson City. Transit-oriented racks are at the JAC North Carson Crossing bus shelter (near the Walmart in the north end of town), at the JAC bus shelter along Hot Springs Rd, and at the JAC downtown transfer point bus shelter in front of the federal building. Two additional racks are at City Hall, an eight-bike rack northwest of the building and a two-bike rack southeast of the building. Some additional bicycle racks will be installed in the near future, two yellow Muscle Powered racks along Curry St and an eight-bike rack in the Farmers Market parking lot at Curry St and Third St. These racks were made possible by NDOT funding for Bike to Work Week and transit facilities funding.

Bicycle Racks in Carson City

One of the things that holds me back from running errands on bicycle, is the uncertainty of secure bicycle parking at the destination. I’ve been to many businesses around town several times, but most of the time I forget to take notice if there is secure bicycle parking.

Muscle Powered
Muscle Powered Bike Rack at the Brewery Arts Center

Muscle Powered’s Dan Allison has created a Carson City Bicycle Rack Database to help take the guess work out of bicycle rack availability! I was curious about two locations I like to go, Safeway and Trader Joe’s. I found both easily in the database, with pictures of the rack location. This resource will definitely help me with my goal of using the bicycle more for everyday errands.

The Carson City Bicycle Rack Database can be accessed HERE or just follow the link on the Muscle Powered Resources Page. The database is an ongoing project, so give Dan your feedback when visiting the database.