Bike Month 2014

Bike Month 2014 starts in just a few days! Muscle Powered, in cooperation with city and state government and local businesses, have a fun month of activities planned to promote a bicycle friendly community in Carson City. Community bike rides, commuter challenges, informative bicycle clinics, movies, raffle prizes, parties and more await participants. Bike Month has been celebrated in Carson City for many years now not only to encourage more bicycling in Carson City, but also to educate cyclists and motorists alike on safety and the rules of the road. Here’s an overview of what’s coming up in May. Additional details and reminders for each event will be made throughout the month.

Bike to Work Week
Bike to Work Week is May 12th – May 16th

Sunday, May 4Tour of Carson City, a bike ride around Carson City at your pace for as many miles as you want, up to 30 Miles. Starts and ends at Bike Habitat, lunch follows the Ride. Starts at 9:00 am.

Monday, May 5 – Celebrity Ride, a short cruiser ride around West Carson, usually attended by the Mayor, Sheriff, Supervisors, and city department heads. Join us and be a Celebrity. Starts at Telegraph Square at 10:30 am.

Monday, May 5 – Ride for Reading. Volunteers deliver books to 4 elementary schools by bicycle on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting at noon. (Right after the celebrity ride on Monday, how convenient.) Volunteers needed, contact

Ride for Reading
Ride for Reading

Wednesday, May 7 – National Bike to School Day. Encourages all school kids to ride their bikes to school. Parents are encouraged to ride with their children

Sunday, May 11 – Mother’s Day. Take Mom for a bike ride!

Monday, May 12 through Friday, May 16 – Bike to Work Week. Get out of your car and commute to work on your bike. Public agencies and private businesses can register with Muscle Powered and compete for valuable prizes for most miles, average miles per participant and number of trips. Sign up at

Wednesday, May 14 – Cruiser Ride. A fun ride around Carson City’s historical west side. Polish the chrome and pump up the tires on that old bike; decorate it and yourself. Starts at Brewery Arts Center. Sign in at 6:00 pm,  ride starts at 6:30 pm.

Friday, May 16 – Bike to Work Day. Show your bike helmet to participating coffee shops for free coffee on your way to work.

Friday, May 16 – Bike to Work Week Party. At the Firkin & Fox after work. Revel with fellow bikers, enjoy a cold brew, listen to live music from Notch 8, and win valuable prizes, including a new bike.

Tuesday, May 20 – Movie Night. Watch an award winning bicycle movie at Plan:B inside the Sassafras Restaurant. Starts at 6:00 pm. Free admission, bike swag, and popcorn!

Share your Bike Month experiences across social media with hash tag: #bikeccnv

For more information follow Muscle Powered at and Facebook/Muscle Powered.


Bike to Work Week Party and Corporate Challenge Results

slow roll
At the start of the Slow Roll
We all had a great time at the Bike to Work Week party at Telegraph Square Saturday afternoon.  While many local cyclists were on the “Ride with the Vets”,  kids were enjoying the Newspaper Boy game which was won by Roland List.  And during the Riptide Bandits intermission (an awesome surf band that I hope makes a speedy return to Carson), Nate Conrad took 1st place in the Tricycle Time Trial.  Artsy Fartsy had amazing bicycle jewelry and art on display, and outstanding food was provided by Carson City Confections, Horseshoe Club and Sassafras.

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Results
Had a great week of riding cant wait to do it again next week !!! – Jason

Solo In Town

Jason Gardner 103
David Eiswert 83.8
Tammy Steele 75.8
John Aragon 71.62
Danny Miller 68.06
Ed Skudlarek 44
Srini Bokka 32
Brenda Horton 25.7
Candy Wilkin 2.46

Janelle Thomas
Janelle Thomas, winner of the Beyond Solo competition.
Solo Beyond

Janelle Thomas  300.8
Tom Tittle 121.36
Mark Colley 116.28
Kim Gray 106.43
Scott Robertson 101.7
Lucio Bolognani 77.79

Public Agency

Highest Mileage

Nevada Guard Rough Riders 895.3
The Bike Kings 620.02
DETR Cyclepaths-1 322
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 311.25
USGS 261.5
Western Nevada College 201.06
DETR Cyclepaths-2 94
USPS -39

Most Trips

DETR Cyclepaths-1 162
The Bike Kings 125
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 116
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 91
DETR Cyclepaths-2 43
Western Nevada College 44

Bike Kings whole team
The NDOT Bike Kings
Highest Percentage of Employee Participatio

NDOT Bike Kings 16.80%
DETR Cyclepaths-1 10.50%
USGS 10.10%
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 8.50%
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 7.20%
Western Nevada College 6.50%
DETTR Cyclepaths-2 4.20%

Private Business

Highest Mileage

Lumos & Associates  310
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 206.2
Sierra Controls, LLC 172
Resource Rascals 96
Redrock Dental 27.75

Most Trips

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 89
Sierra Controls, LLC 70
Lumos & Assoc 62
Resource Rascals 34
Redrock Dental 14

Highest Percentage of Employee Participation

Unknown – We’ll announce the results as soon as possible.  There could be an upset.

“I ran into a dust devil today on my lunch ride! I closed my mouth, squinted my eyes, and held on tight to the handle bars. It blew over pretty fast. It was at the corner of Mountain and Nye.” – David

deena hoover
Deena Hoover – $150 at Artsy Fartsy

“What a beautiful ride this morning! Clouds on the mountains, clear air! Aaah. It was so nice in fact that Tom and I did the long ride to work up to the College and along the V&T and down Kings to the NDEP. The Bistro provided yummy donut holes to go with the coffee–quite a nice touch. She had plenty for all the riders!” – Lynn

Thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful week!

Bike to Work Day 2013!

It’s Bike to Work Day and the final day of the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge. I hope everyone had a great week riding to work! Our traditional post ride raffle and party has been moved to Saturday, May 18th, and we have a lot more going on than years past. Ride With A Vet starts things off at 2:30pm, followed by a bike rodeo at 3pm. Reno surf band, the Riptide Bandits, will be performing at Telegraph Square, and we’ll have bike related games, a bike rafffle and announce the winners of the Corporate Challenge. So come on down to Telegraph Square at 2:30 to enjoy the fun!

Nevada Appeal delivery bags for Saturday’s Newspaper Boy game.

Did everyone get a cup of coffee from one of our Coffee Stations?
Bistro@Bryan – 901 S. Stewert
Comma Coffee – 312 S Carson
LA Bakery- 220 W. John
San Rafael Coffee Company – 711 S Carson

We bring in a different dish each day as an incentive to ride. Today was a fruit pizza!-Deirdre

Corporate Challenge Results – Thursday
*Not all data received

In Town Solo
Jason Gardner 97
David Eiswert 63.4
Tammy Steele 59.6
John Aragon 59.08
Danny Miller 54.36
Ed Skudlarek 36
Srini Bokka 32*
Brenda Horton 23.2

“So glad I rode to work today! The morning commute was challenging with a very stiff south wind in Washoe Valley so I took Franktown to stay against the mountains and it was beautifully calm. The commute home was awesome with the annual HUGE flock of bleatting sheep along Coombs Canyon to make me smile and temporarily forget about the climb. Keep riding happy!” – Janelle

Beyond Solo
Janelle Thomas 286.3
Tom Tittle 121.36
Mark Colley 116.28*
Scott Robertson 101.7*
Lucio Bolognani 77.79*
Kim Gray 70.8*

Return from lunch

Private %
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 30%
Lumos Carson Office 22%
Resource Rascals 10%
Redrock Dental 38%*
Sierra Controls, LLC 28.3%*

“As I pedal through the Historical District this morning there were deer grazing on the fresh spring time plants and grass. What a way to spend your morning!” – Brenda

Private Trips
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 70
Lumos Carson Office 52
Sierra Controls, LLC 40*
Resource Rascals 26
Redrock Dental 14*

bike parking
Bike Parking

Private Miles
Lumos Carson Office 272.4
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 150.02
Sierra Controls, LLC 87.7*
Resource Rascals 81
Redrock Dental 27.75*

“Can we extend the competition one more week?” – John
You can.

Public %
The Bike Kings 17%
DETR -Cyclepaths 12%*
USGS 11%
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 7.90%*
Western Nevada College 7%
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 6.30%*

Glass Cycle - Jarill Ristine
Glass Cycle – Jarill Ristine – $400 At Artsy Fartsy

Public Trips
The Bike Kings 93
DETR – Cyclepaths 69*
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 66*
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 56*
Western Nevada College 40

“Each ride experience presence.” – Ed

Public Miles
The Bike Kings 514.74
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 510.7*
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 230.25*
USGS 218.5
Western Nevada College 156.06
DETR 150*

Bike to Work Week sucks!

Cruiser Ride, Results, and Rider Photos

Thank you to all who turned out for the West Side Cruiser Ride. This event gets better and better each year thanks to you!

Bikes take over Minnesota St.

The Erickson family having a great time on the Cruiser Ride.

You can view more photos of the Cruiser Ride HERE.

Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge Results – Wednesday

* Indicates not all data received.

Sierra Controls LLC Bike Team 2013
Sierra Controls Bike Team

Private %
Redrock Dental 38%
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 30.80%
Sierra Controls, LLC 28.3
Lumos Carson Office 24.3
Resource Rascals 10%

“I saw red winged blackbirds, wabbits, squirrels, a cat, and many many birds/waterfowl today. Took the ditch all the way in. it was amazing…………oh and one mailman” – Jenny

Private Miles
Lumos Carson Office 240.4
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 96.8
Sierra Controls, LLC 87.7
Resource Rascals 62
Redrock Dental 27.75

Lunch Parking

Private Trips
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 56
Lumos Carson Office 44
Sierra Controls, LLC 40
Resource Rascals 20
Redrock Dental 14

“Bike commuting makes me happy” – Lynn
Me too!

Solo – Beyond
Janelle Thomas 225.2
Mark Colley 116.28
Tom Tittle 104.01
Scott Robertson 101.7
Lucio Bolognani 77.79
Kim Gray 70.8

“Each day is a little slower on the commute but boy is this fun to be up at sunrise and enjoying the beautiful scenes between Reno and Carson City. Had to add a few extra miles on the commute today since my rear shifter cable broke as I was crossing the intersection at Geiger on my way home. Went to Reno Cycling and Fitness at 6:30 pm and they were having a club event (thank goodness since they normally close at 6) but the shop had the mechanics fix me up! Great service and I highly recommend the shop if you ever need anything! Happy biking to everyone out there!” – Janelle

Solo – In Town
Jason Gardner 81
John Aragon 46.54
david eiswert 43.7
Danny Miller 38.76
Tammy Steele 32.8*
Srini Bokka 32*
Ed Skudlarek 25
Brenda Horton 16.4

“Seen a lot of people out on their bikes the last couple days. Nice to see the wind isn’t discouraging riders from pushin’ the pedals!” – John

Public %
The Bike Kings 17%
DETR 12%*
USGS 10%
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 7.90%
Western Nevada College 6.75%
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 6.30%

little jerry
Little Jerry says thumbs up to bike to work week from Belize !!!

Public Miles
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 510.7
The Bike Kings 418.14
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 230.25
USGS 165
DETR 150*
Western Nevada College 99.34

bike on display
Allison MacKenzie Bike Parking

Public Trips
The Bike Kings 73
DETR 69*
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 66
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 56
Western Nevada College 32

Bike Kings Parking. Hmmm?

Tomorrow is Bike To Work Day
Several businesses are offering a free cup of joe to those of us commuting to work by bike. Please tell them thank you for supporting Bike to Work Day!

Participating businesses:
Bistro@Bryan – 901 S. Stewert
Comma Coffee – 312 S Carson
LA Bakery- 220 W. John
San Rafael Coffee Company – 711 S Carson

la bakery

Artsy Fartsy Tricycle Art

On display throughout May at Artsy Fartsy, 220A W. Telegraph St., are some very “cool” pieces of tricycle art created especially for Bike Month.

Steam Punk - Pam Black
Steam Punk – Pam Black – $500

Vintage Jewels - Stephanie Short
Vintage Jewels – Stephanie Short – $350

A portion of the proceeds benefit Muscle Powered

The Bike Smith
We had a good turnout at The Bike Smith Monday evening. Mickey, a natural instructor, provided all who attended a great lesson in becoming one with your flat tire. Zen tire repair? Thanks to everyone at The Bike Smith for offering this outstanding service to the cycling community.


Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge 2013
The Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge is off to a great start with some very impressive milage being logged. The data is trickling in:

Solo-In Town

Tom Tittle 34.67
Jason Gardner 26
Tammy Steele 21.1
david eiswert 16.7
John Aragon 14
Danny Miller 11.63
Ed Skudlarek 9
Srini Bokka 8
Brenda Horton 2.8
Candy Wilkin 2.46
Solo – Beyond City Limits
Janelle Thomas 70.6
Kim Gray 50.18
Mark Colley 38.56
Lucio Bolognani 26
Scott Robertson 25.5

I apologize, I ran out of time to load the team results so I’ll get to it this evening. – Jeff

Here are a few comments from our challengers:

“To feel useful and productive and socially connected, my bicycle needs me to ride it. It is a “we” thing. Replace the i in illness with we you get wellness. Be kind to your bike today.” – Ed

“commute from CC to Reno. Beautiful tailwind on a great day.” – Scott

“What a super day to commute from Reno to Carson City!!! A bit windy in the afternoon commute but as I always say “if it ain’t blowin’ we ain’t goin'”. Looking forward to tomorrow’s commute!” – Janelle

“Seen 5 snakes.. 3 to Reno route east lake blvd and 2 flat and crispy, route old 395.” – Kim

“Great start to the week. Thanks for the fun!” – Dierdre

And fun it is! Thank you all for the comments.

Next up: Stationary Bike to Work Week


Bike to Work Week 2013

We have a full week of fun scheduled next week starting with the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge.

May 13-17 — Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge
It’s Bike to Work Week! Gather a team of co-workers and compete against other businesses and agencies for the most employee participation, most trips made by bike and commute miles ridden during the week. Click on the Corporate Challenge page above for rules and registration information.

Monday, May 13th
Flat Tire Clinic at The Bike Smith – Have you ever found yourself stranded with a flat tire? This always-useful clinic helps you learn how to fix a flat, so you’ll never be stranded.
Where: The Bike Smith, 900 N. Carson St.
When: 6:00 pm

The Bike Smith’s Micky McDowell demonstrates proper wheel removal.

Tap Shack Social
After work, ride your bike over to the Tap Shack for the after-work ride social. Gather with other cyclist over a cold beverage. After the social head over the The Bike Smith (only a couple of blocks south) for the Flat Tire Clinic. Fat Tire to Flat Tire!
Where: Tap Shack, 112 Rice St.
When: After work

Wednesday, May 15th
Westside Cruiser RIDE

Let’s show Carson City how fun biking can be! This leisurely ride around west Carson City is suitable for anyone who can stay on a bike. Costumes for riders and bikes are welcome and encouraged, but not required.
Where: Telegraph Square
When: Meet at 5:45, RIDE at 6:00pm

Friday, May 17

RIDE from your home to your work! Stop for a free coffee on the way at generous Carson City coffee shops. Arrive at work happy and invigorated.
Participating Coffee Shops:
Bistro at Bryan
Comma Coffee
LA Bakery,
San Rafael Coffee Company

Artsy Fartsy
220A W. Telegraph St.
For the entire month of May Artsy Fartsy has a fleet of tricycle art on display. Pieces range from $150 – $500 and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the benefit of Muscle Powered. Also inside the gallery is bicycle jewelry created with recycled bike parts, as well as original bicycle art from local artists. This is a must see for all bicycle enthusiests.

Green Machine - James Axelson
Green Machine – James Axelson – $150

MAY 18 — Vietnam Veterans of America Family Bike Ride
Ride with a Vet! John Hussong and Chapter 388 Vietnam Vets will lead a 5-mile beginner-friendly family ride around west Carson City. Begins and ends at Telegraph Square with Bike to Work Week celebration.
Where: Telegraph Square When: Meet at 2:30, RIDE at 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 18th
Bike to Work Week Party

Come celebrate a great week of riding with food by local restaurants, live music, obstacle courses, raffle prizes (including 2 cruiser bikes. See below) Show ‘n’ Shine bike show, trike races, and all your bicycle buddies. Don’t miss it!
Where: Telegraph Square
When: 3:00-6:00 pm

phat sea wind
Phat Sea Breeze- Mens

Phat Sea Breeze – Ladies