Bike to Work Week 2013

We have a full week of fun scheduled next week starting with the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge.

May 13-17 — Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge
It’s Bike to Work Week! Gather a team of co-workers and compete against other businesses and agencies for the most employee participation, most trips made by bike and commute miles ridden during the week. Click on the Corporate Challenge page above for rules and registration information.

Monday, May 13th
Flat Tire Clinic at The Bike Smith – Have you ever found yourself stranded with a flat tire? This always-useful clinic helps you learn how to fix a flat, so you’ll never be stranded.
Where: The Bike Smith, 900 N. Carson St.
When: 6:00 pm

The Bike Smith’s Micky McDowell demonstrates proper wheel removal.

Tap Shack Social
After work, ride your bike over to the Tap Shack for the after-work ride social. Gather with other cyclist over a cold beverage. After the social head over the The Bike Smith (only a couple of blocks south) for the Flat Tire Clinic. Fat Tire to Flat Tire!
Where: Tap Shack, 112 Rice St.
When: After work

Wednesday, May 15th
Westside Cruiser RIDE

Let’s show Carson City how fun biking can be! This leisurely ride around west Carson City is suitable for anyone who can stay on a bike. Costumes for riders and bikes are welcome and encouraged, but not required.
Where: Telegraph Square
When: Meet at 5:45, RIDE at 6:00pm

Friday, May 17

RIDE from your home to your work! Stop for a free coffee on the way at generous Carson City coffee shops. Arrive at work happy and invigorated.
Participating Coffee Shops:
Bistro at Bryan
Comma Coffee
LA Bakery,
San Rafael Coffee Company

Artsy Fartsy
220A W. Telegraph St.
For the entire month of May Artsy Fartsy has a fleet of tricycle art on display. Pieces range from $150 – $500 and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the benefit of Muscle Powered. Also inside the gallery is bicycle jewelry created with recycled bike parts, as well as original bicycle art from local artists. This is a must see for all bicycle enthusiests.

Green Machine - James Axelson
Green Machine – James Axelson – $150

MAY 18 — Vietnam Veterans of America Family Bike Ride
Ride with a Vet! John Hussong and Chapter 388 Vietnam Vets will lead a 5-mile beginner-friendly family ride around west Carson City. Begins and ends at Telegraph Square with Bike to Work Week celebration.
Where: Telegraph Square When: Meet at 2:30, RIDE at 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 18th
Bike to Work Week Party

Come celebrate a great week of riding with food by local restaurants, live music, obstacle courses, raffle prizes (including 2 cruiser bikes. See below) Show ‘n’ Shine bike show, trike races, and all your bicycle buddies. Don’t miss it!
Where: Telegraph Square
When: 3:00-6:00 pm

phat sea wind
Phat Sea Breeze- Mens

Phat Sea Breeze – Ladies


Upcoming Events

I hope everyone had a great time at Bike Habitat’s 6 Annual Tour of Carson!
From MP Board member Kelly Clark: “great Tour de Carson today, light rain did not seem to be a problem for the 60 or so riders who came out. I enjoyed it, especially the clean after rain smell. Awesome food, Denis Coyne and Bike Habitat folks did a great job putting it all together. A couple of renewals and new membersships came in at sign up–that is always good!”

Post ride parking at the T.O.C.

May 6 — BIKE MOVIE @ Sassafras
Oops! Due to a slight scheduling snafu on our part the bike movie that one reviewer described as, “riveting as “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and as moving as “Eraserhead”, The Flying Scottsman will be postponed to another night (TBD). But that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on your bike and pedal down to Sassafras and watch “Into the Wild” with old and new friends. So come on down and see if you can spot a bike in the movie.
Where: Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint, 318 N. Carson St. When: 6:30 pm

May 7 — Celebrity RIDE
What started out as one supervisor riding a tandem around town with a bike advocate has grown into a large ride with elected officials, city staff, and other notables. This easy 1-hour loop builds advocacy and showcases Carson City’s bikeability.
Where: Telegraph Square When: 10:00 am. Please arrive early for a brief safety talk.
Gov's Mansion 2010
Our 2nd Celebrity Bike Ride – May 2010

May 13-17 — Corporate Challenge
It’s Bike Week! Gather a team of co-workers and compete against other businesses and agencies for the most commute miles ridden during the week. Click on the Corporate Challenge page above for rules and registration information.

If you get a chance drop by Artsy Fartsy , 220A W. Telegraph St, and check the bicycle and jewelry art. You will be amazed!
Rusted Ride- Angie Fluitt
Rusted Ride – Angie Fluitt $150

A portion of the proceeds from the bicycle art will be donated to Muscle Powered.

Get Ready for Bike Month

Sheriff Kenny and Muscle Powered advisor Lee Harter getting ready to ride - "Celebrity Ride" 2012
Sheriff Kenny and Muscle Powered advisor Lee Harter getting ready to ride – “Celebrity Ride” 2012

Next month is Bike Month and there are plenty of activities planned in Carson City. We kick off on April 24 with Nevada Moves Day at the State Legislature. Muscle Powered is organizing exhibits in the front foyer of the legislative building highlighting Nevada groups working for better walking and biking. Participants include the Reno Bike Project, Safe Routes to Schools, the Carson Valley Trails Association and more. Muscle Powered members will invite legislators on a one-hour walk from 7 to 8 am starting from the legislative building, highlighting complete and not-so-complete streets in downtown Carson City. Exhibits will be up all day long – this is a good opportunity to visit what everyone during the session calls simply “the building,” so come down and say hello.


Next up is Bike Habitat’s Tour de Carson on Sunday, May 5. This popular ride starts from Bike Habitat in the Topsy Lane shopping center, circles Carson City, then ends up back at Bike Habitat for a barbecue.

Jenny Scanland is leading Slow Spokes Rides every Wednesday at 5:15 pm through June. Contact Jenny at, 684 2787

Several years ago Jeff Potter picked up then-City Supervisor Shelly Aldean on his tandem and they rode to work together on the first day of Bike To Work Week. This has evolved into a  Celebrity Ride where community leaders are invited to join Muscle Powered members on a leisurely hour-long ride around Carson City’s west side. Last year we were joined by the mayor, the sheriff, and several City department heads. This year we have invited state officials as well, so we’ll see who shows up. The Celebrity Ride will be on Tuesday, May 7.

One of the most popular events of Bike Month, the Cruiser Ride, will take place on Wednesday, May 15. Ride your prettiest bike. Costumes – for both bikes and riders – are not mandatory but welcome.

Vietnam Veterans of America family bike ride will take place on Saturday May 18, just before the end-of-Bike-Week party.


Local Gallery Artsy Fartsy is hosting a tricycle yard art contest. The trikes will be decorated by local artists, and will be sold by silent auction. The gallery will also show bicycle-themed art throughout the month.

Bike to Work Week

Of course the whole purpose of Bike Month – besides to have fun, which is always important – is to encourage biking for transportation. Bike to Work Week is May 13-17. Bike to Work DAY is May 17. We are organizing another Corporate/Agency Challenge this year, so you can compete for most miles ridden during the week as an individual or team, and get your chance to hold on to our enormous Bike Trophy for a year. Contact Jeff Potter through this site if you want to take part. Jenny Scanland is hosting a Bike Commute Station in the state’s Bryan Building (901 S. Stewart St) on May 1,2, and 3 to share tips for bike commuting. There will be free coffee for bike commuters on Bike to Work Day May 17 at various locations – check here or on our Facebook page for details.

Parties and other events

The End-of-Bike-Week Party will be Saturday, May 18, 3-6 pm, on West Telegraph Street by Telegraph Square in downtown Carson City. There will be a raffle including 2 cruiser bikes, bands, food trucks, tricycle races, and more.

This isn’t all. Other events include a bike social at Tap Shack, a women’s bike clinic led by Muscle Powered board member Cortney Bloomer, a bike movie at Sassafras, potentially a showing of Rick Gunn’s popular Soul Cycler slide show and more. Check back for info as these events are lined up.

Kings to Ash Canyon Trail Update


On August 2nd Open Space Manager Juan Guzman presented the Cooperative Agreement between Muscle Powered and Carson City to the Carson City Board of Supervisors for approval. Included in the Agreement is that Carson City will provide workers compensation for volunteers working on City land. The Agreement passed with a unanimous vote, with Mayor Bob, Shelly Aldean and Karen Abowd praising Muscle Powered’s efforts.



Muscle Powered signed a Volunteer Service Agreement with the U.S.F.S in June and Muscle Powered crews have been building trail on U.S.F.S land since June 29th. Our crews have been working on a difficult section of trail preparing a safe route for volunteers to get to the work site. We should have this section finished by next week.

The Great Basin Institute (NCC Trail Crew) will start building trail on August 6th. Construction will begin at the top of Waterfall Rd and work north towards Ash Cyn. They’re available for two weeks, with the possibility of working an additional week at the end of August. This will give NCC crew leaders an idea of what to expect for next year’s build season.


If you would like to sign up for upcoming trail work days please contact me at


2012 Corporate Challenge Final Results

Muscle Powered
Bike to Work Week
Corporate Challenge Results
Total Miles – 6132.32
Total Trips – 1646

With 6,132.32 miles biked or walked to work, and 1646 trips on foot or by bike, this was our most successful Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge ever. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Looks like CC Supervisor Karen Abowd is havng a great time during the Celebrity Bike Ride.

We hope you enjoyed the Bike Month events that were partnered with or organized by Muscle Powered:
Bike Habitat’s Tour of Carson
Celebrity Bike Ride
Wednesday Cruiser Ride
Corporate Challenge
Bike to Work Day Party at the Firkin & Fox
Family Bike Ride w/CHHS & CC Parks & Rec

Upcoming Muscle Powered activities and projects:
Carson City Bicycle & Pedestrian Map Revision
Tuesday Evening Walks
Farmers Market Bike Valet
Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Construction

If you like what we do please consider becoming a member.

Douglas Bikers.jpg
These three riders from the WNC team rode all the way from Douglas County during the Corporate Challenge. Bravo!


Troy Orosco    119.04
Danny Miller      84.46
Tammy Steele   68.25

Private Business

% of Participation
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 73.30%
Capitol Automotive                      50%
Alison – MacKenzie                     23.70%
Hair Studio & Spear Me              23.3%
RCI Flyers                                   11%
Tahoe Fracture                            4.60%

Lumos & Assoc.                      393
Tahoe Fracture                          160
RCI Flyers                                 150
CV Sports                                  126
Alison – MacKenzie                    102.6
Capitol Automotive                     92.7
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers   77
Hair Studio & Spear Me             29.5

Alison – MacKenzie                  73
Lumos & Assoc.                         60
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers   59
RCI Flyers                                  54
Tahoe Fracture                           39
Capitol Automotive                     20
CV Sports                                  16
Hair Studio & Spear Me             10

Public Agency

NV Guard Rough Riders   161
NDEP We’re No Fuels         133
DETR Cyclepaths                126
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats         113
NDOT – ROW                       110
NDOT -Team IT                    98
NDOT-Planning Division      96
DHHS- Central                     75
EITS                                     74
WNC – 1                               66
DMV – OBL                           52
USPS                                   45
WNC – 2                               45
WNC – 3                               44
USGS                                   41
CCSD School Bus Drivers   20
NLCB                                   12

NV Guard Rough Riders   880
NDOT – Team IT                  624.93
DHHS Central Office           436.45
NDOT – ROW                      371.7
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats        340.5
NDEP We’re No Fuels         308.7
USGS                                  307.7
NDOT-Planning Division      246.62
DETR Cyclepaths                208.91
NLCB                                   200.65
EITS                                    186.5
WNC – 1                               161.65
WNC – 3                               149
WNC – 2                               93.56
USPS                                   73.4
CCSD School Bus Drivers   64
DMV – OBL                           64

% of Participation
DMV – OBL                         75%
NDOT-Planning Division     41%
NDOT – Team IT                 16.90%
NDOT – ROW                     15.50%
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats       11.40%
DETR Cyclepaths               10.80%
USGS                                  9.80%
USPS                                  7.30%
NLCB                                  7.20%
DHHS Central Office           7%
EITS                                    5.60%
NV Guard Rough Riders     5.30%
CCSD School Bus Drivers  5%
NDEP We’re No Fuels         3.40%

We  look forward to seeing you next year!

Bike to Work Week/Day – Friday

CC Overlook Washoe.JPG
View of Washoe Lake from the future Carson City overlook

Muscle Powered Fact: In 2007 Muscle Powered initiated the long process of constructing a multi-use trail designed for mountain bikes connecting Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon. Construction will begin this summer with an estimated completion date of 2014 (if awarded the Rec Trails Grant).

WNC Bike to Work Week.jpg
Here is a rider submitted photo from the WNC Cycling Crew. Word has it they’ll continue riding to work through the year. That’s what we like to hear!

And from our bad photoshop department….
Which of these current and former Postal team members have never been accused of using performance enhancing drugs?

Those with the correct answer can pick up their prize (a pint thimble of beer poured by Jeff Moser) at the Firkin & Fox Bike to Work Day party.

I don’t have all of Thursday’s numbers so the results might not be completely accurate. It will take me a bit of time to get the final tally, so please enjoy Notch 8 and I’ll get to the F&F as soon as I can to announce the winners.

Tom Tittle        120.28
Troy Orosco    104.57
Danny Miller    84.46
Tammy Steele 68.25

Private Business
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 79%
Capitol Automotive                 50%
CV Sports                               28.50%
Alison – MacKenzie                22.20%
Hair Studio & Spear Me         22.20%
Lumos & Assoc.                    21.60%
RCI Flyers                             11.25%
Tahoe Fracture                      5.40%

Lumos & Assoc.                     249.8
Tahoe Fracture                        155
RCI Flyers                               125
CV Sports                               103
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 66.5
Alison – MacKenzie                 66.5
Capitol Automotive                  55.8
Hair Studio & Spear Me          22

Alison – MacKenzie                 56
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 49
RCI Flyers                               44
Tahoe Fracture                        37
Lumos & Assoc.                      27
CV Sports                               12
Capitol Automotive                  12
Hair Studio & Spear Me            8

Public Agency
DMV – OBL                   81%
NDOT -Team IT            17.30%
NDOT – ROW               13.90%
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats 11.90%
USPS                            7.80%
CCSD SBD                   6.25%
EITS                              6%
NDEP We’re No Fuels 3.50%

NDOT -Team IT               521.41
NV Guard Rough Riders 506
NDOT – ROW                  329.7
DHHS Central Office       277.02
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats    272.5
NDEP We’re No Fuels    253.4
USGS                              219.7
EITS                               165.1
NLCB                              149.4
DETR Cyclepaths          138.51
WNC – 1                          107.9
NDOT-Planning Division 78.16
CCSD School Bus Drivers 64
USPS                                57.4
DMV – OBL                       56
WNC – 3                            53
WNC – 2                           50.26
NDEP We’re No Fuels   110
NDOT – ROW                 95
NV Guard Rough Riders 91
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats    89
NDOT -Team IT               82
DETR Cyclepaths            80
EITS                                 65
DHHS Central Office        46
DMV – OBL                       44
WNC – 1                           42
USPS                               35
USGS                               32
NDOT-Planning Division   30
WNC – 2                             27
WNC – 3                             26
CCSD School Bus Drivers 20
NLCB                                   9

Bike to Work Week – Thursday

Nevada Vulnerable Highway Users bill

Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered, a grassroots citizens organization advocating for better bicycling and walking conditions in Nevada’s capital city, decided last year to make the passage of a Vulnerable Users Law a priority for the Nevada 2011 legislative session. – Anne Macquarie.

Read the entire article HERE.

Commuter Tip:  When commuting to work with a friend it’s necessary to point out road hazards such as potholes and road debris by announcing,  pointing to,  and safely navigating around, the hazard. Failure to do so could result in an injury to your riding partner and damage their bicycle.

A couple of mountain bike friends of ours (Cagney & Lacy*) decided a number of years ago they would like to try road riding and purchased two road bikes. But because of their work schedules and office location (Cagney worked in Reno and Lacy in Carson City) they didn’t ride together right away.  Lacy liked road riding.  We rode with her often, teaching her the skills and etiquette required of a “roadie”.
We taught her how to draft, ride in a paceline, and to point out road hazards.

When Lacy was able to finally go out for a ride with Cagney they rode from their home in south Reno to Washoe Valley and back.  Everything was great during the first half of the ride. Cagney being the stronger of the two rode in front. Lacey, happy to sit in the draft on the fun descent through Pleasant Valley, rode in the back. It was on the return trip that things went awry. Cagney, not having been taught proper road etiquette, employed his mountain bike skills and expertly dodged the fast approaching 2×4 laying across the road.  Lacey wasn’t so lucky. She plowed into the 2×4 and flew over the handlebars. Fortunately for Lacey she wasn’t hurt too bad, just a little banged up, bruised and jittery. But the trust was gone.  Unfortunately for Cagney, Lacey never let him forget this incident. Point out road hazards!

*Not their real names.

2012 137.JPG
Lee Harter successfully negotiates Jeff Potter’s release from the hands of justice. photo by Ashley Dale

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge results so far…
Tom Tittle      85.98
Danny Miller  84.46
Troy Orosco   80.91
Tammy Steele 28.84

Private Business
Alison – MacKenzie                42
RCI Flyers                              34
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 34
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic 23
CV Sports                                8
Hair Studio & Spear Me           8
Capitol Automotive                   4

Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic 110
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 90
CV Sports                               87
Alison – MacKenzie                49.8
RCI Flyers                               49
Hair Studio & Spear Me          22
Capitol Automotive                 18.4

% of Participation
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 83.30%
CV Sports                               28.50%
Alison – MacKenzie                 22.20%
Hair Studio & Spear Me         22.20%
RCI Flyers                              11.60%
Tahoe Fracture                        5%

Public agency
% of Participation
DMV – OBL                      87.50%
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats    25%
NDOT-Planning Division 17.30%
USGS                              14.10%
NDOT – Team IT              11.60%
DETR Cyclepaths            10.90%
NV Guard Rough Riders  9.30%
DHHS Central Office        7.30%
USPS                                7.20%
CCSD School Bus Drivers 7.10%
EITS                                   5.60%
NDEP We’re No Fuels       3.20%

DETR Cyclepaths        80
NDEP We’re No Fuels 75
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats 71
NDOT – ROW               68
NV Guard Rough Riders 65
NDOT – Team IT           60
WNC – 1                        42
NDOT-Planning Division 30
DHHS Central Office      29
USPS                              27
WNC – 2                           27
WNC – 3                           26
USGS                               25
DMV – OBL                       22
CCSD School Bus Drivers 18
NLCB                                  9

NDOT – Team IT           394.61
NV Guard Rough Riders 350
NDOT – ROW                242.7
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats 184.5
NDEP We’re No Fuels  172.1
DHHS Central Office    166.1
USGS                           159.4
NLCB                            149.4
DETR Cyclepaths           138.51
WNC – 1                          107.99
EITS 105.3
NDOT-Planning Division 78.16
CCSD School Bus Drivers 59
WNC – 3                           53
WNC – 2                           50.26
USPS                               38
DMV – OBL                       32

Nice job everyone!