Bike to Work Week – Wednesday

Mexican Ditch Trail North Bridge

Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered wrote successful grants which purchased two bridges that are on the Mexican Ditch Trail. Read about the bridges HERE

Mexican Ditch Trail South Bridge

Commuter Tip: Keep your tire pressure 5 to 10 psi below the recommended maximum pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall. Too much psi will send road shock directly to the handle bars and saddle resulting in a very jarring ride, while a slightly lower psi will provide dampening, allowing for a  pleasurable bicycle commute.

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Please visit Bike Carson for information on this evening’s cruiser ride.

Here as an amusing story from DMV bicycle commuter Dennis White:
My bike story of frustration – On my morning ride in this morning I had to ride over the 395 (down by Best Buy) and it appears that NDOT has taken out the bike lane in their current construction phase. So I had to take the lane and to my pleasant surprise everyone respected me and gave me the lane except for 1 vehicle. The unfortunate part is that the one vehicle that chose not to yield to me in the lane was an NDOT vehicle (one of those while trucks). Is this how NDOT will attempt to secure a victory?? Taking out the competition?? Haha

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Results So Far..
Danny Miller      54.67
Troy Orosco      53.9
Tom Tittle          51.68
Tammy Steele  17.44

Private Business
Alison – MacKenzie                          28
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic 15
RCI Flyers                                        10
Capitol Automotive                            4
CV Sports                                          4

Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic  106
CV Sports                                            63
RCI Flyers                                           35
Alison – MacKenzie                            33.1
Capitol Automotive                            18.4
Hair Studio & Spear Me                         6

Team    % 
Alison – MacKenzie                         20.30%
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic  5.80%

Public Agency

DETR Cyclepaths                51
NDEP We’re No Fuels         46
NDOT – Team IT                  43
NDOT ROW                        42
NDOT – Planning Division   30
EITS                                    29
NV Guard Rough Riders     27
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats       23
DMV – OBL                         22
USPS                                 17
WNC – 1                             14
CCSD-School Bus Drivers 12
DHHS Central Office          11
USGS                                 11
WNC-2                                 6
WNC-3                                 6
NLCB                                   1

NDOT – Team IT                   279.09
NDOT ROW                         156.3
NV Guard Rough Riders      143.9
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012 111.1
DETR Cyclepaths                 87.66
NDOT – Planning Division    78.16
WNC – 1                                73.42
EITS                                      70
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats          66.5
DHHS Central Office             62.85
USGS                                    60.4
CCSD – School Bus Drivers  36
DMV – OBL                            32
USPS                                     24
WNC-3                                   23
NLCB                                    17.3
WNC-2                                  13

Team    % 
DMV – OBL                           87.5
NDOT – Planning Division    25%
NDOT – Team IT                  18.20%
DETR Cyclepaths                10.90%
CCSD – School Bus Drivers  7.10%
USPS                                    6.60%
EITS                                      5.50%
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012  3%

See you at the Cruiser Ride this evening.


Bike to Work Week – Tuesday

Freeway Bike Path
Kristy Moser enjoying the Freeway Bike Path                                 photo by Jeff Moser

Muscle Powered Fact: In 2000, NDOT had no intention of including a bike path along the Carson City freeway bypass as specified in the City’s bicycle plan. When Muscle Powered got wind of this we took action, but it wasn’t easy. Even the Carson City Chamber of Commerce publicly opposed the bike path, but because of the perseverance and dedication of our founding members, Carson City has a three mile bike path which connects N. Carson Street to Northridge Drive. And today Lumos & Associates is working with Carson City to extend the bike path all the way to Hwy 50W.

Skip ahead 10 years…
With a much different political climate, and some very dedicated NDOT employees, NDOT has dominated the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge for two years in a row, shredding the competition with 1117.25 miles and 252 trips on foot or by bike. What a difference a decade makes. Way to go NDOT!

NDOT’s Bill Story with his two sons during last year’s competition

Commuter Tip: It’s a good idea to carry a rag with you in case of a roadside repair.  I wrap my tools (multi-tool, tire lever, zip-ties, patch kit, 2″x2″ tuffy strip-for sidewall repair)  in a clean rag so I have something to wipe my hands on after a repair.

Click HERE to see what Jeff Moser carries in his bag.

Corporate Challenge results so far..

Danny Miller  27.05
Tom Tittle      17.38

Agency Percentage of Participation

DMV – OBL                               100%

NDOT Team IT                          17.30%
DETR Cyclepaths                     10.30%
CCSD – School Bus Drivers      7.10%
USPS                                        6.60%
EITS                                          4%
NLCB                                         4%
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012      2%

Agency Trips

DETR Cyclepaths                    21
NDOT ROW                            19
NDOT – IT                                17
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012    14
DMV – OBL                              12
EITS                                         11
USPS                                         8
CCSD – School Bus Drivers       6
NLCB                                         1

Agency Mileage

NDOT – IT                               123.94
NDOT ROW                              66.3
DETR Cyclepaths                     38.34
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012     31.1
EITS                                          25.6
NLCB                                        17.3
CCSD – School Bus Drivers      17
DMV – OBL                                12
USPS                                         12

Private Busness

Alison-MacKenzie        18.5%  – 12 Trips – 16.7 Miles

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Starts Today

The Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge starts today and continues through the 18th of May. For the next week we’ll post the Corporate Challenge daily results and also provide you with a commuter tip and a Muscle Powered fact.

2012 158.JPG
May 7th Celebrity Bike Ride                                                         photo by Ashley Dale

Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered formed soon after the City hosted a public meeting at the Carson City Library to revise the City’s bicycle plan. Our founding members realized there was a good chance that a new bicycle plan would likely sit on a shelf and never be implemented. We’re fortunate that several individuals decided to take action. The first Muscle Powered meeting was held on June 2nd, 1998.

A big thanks to our founding members:
Anne Macquarie, Jim Crompton, Virginia Orcutt, Sue Newberry, Bruce Mackey, Tom Whitehead, Jean Wagner, Walt Wagner, Ed Skudlarek, Kelly Clark, and Penny Fairfield.

Commuter Tip: A clean drivetrain is a happy drivetrain. Keeping your drivetrain clean will reduce the wear on your chainrings, cogs and chain. Keeping your chain clean will also keep you from getting filthy when performing a roadside repair.

Please share your cycling tips with us by leaving a comment below.

For Bike to Work Week news and post work activities please visit Bike Carson.

The Competitors:


Danny Miller
Troy Orosco
Tammy Steele
Tom Tittle

Public Agency

CCSD – School Bus Drivers
DETR Cyclepaths
DHHS – Central Office
EITS – Admin
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012
NDOT – Team IT
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats
NDOT- Planning Division
Nevada Guard Rough Riders
NLCB – Audit
WNC – 1
WNC – 2
WNC – 3

Private Business

Alison – MacKenzie
Capitol Automotive
CV Sports
Hair Studio & Spear Me
Lumos & Assoc.
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles
RCI Flyers
Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic

Muscle Powered Scholarships Available


Muscle Powered is offering three scholarships to qualifying members to attend the Tahoe Rim Trail Association’s Track 2 Crew Leader Training on May 19th & 20th. (Friday’s Design & Layout Course is not included in the scholarship).  Though not necessary to apply, scholarships will be awarded to those with the most trail building experience first.

Training is at Galena Creek Park and includes:
Trail Standards, basic construction techniques, tool use and briefing, leadership, safety and crew administration.

For more information on the training, please visit the TRTA website:

To qualify for the Muscle Powered Scholarships:
You must be over 18 years of age and a current member of Muscle Powered.
If you are not yet a member or need to renew, please click HERE

To fill out the application form please click on the link below.
Muscle Powered Scholarship

If you have trouble viewing the online form, please send the following information

Name, address, email and phone#.
How many years have you been a member of Muscle Powered?
Trail building experience.
List other qualities,skills or experience you may have which you think would benefit a trail crew.
Briefly describe why you would like to attend the crew leader training course.

Application deadline is April 4th.

Thank you, and good luck!

Public Meeting

Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Public Meeting
February 13th 5-7 p.m.
Carson City Community Center- Bonanza Room
851 East Williams Street

Lumos & Associates’ Tom Young and Chas Macquarie survey the Ash Creek bridge site

Carson City and Muscle Powered have been working with the U.S. Forest Service and public for many years to develop a trail system along the foothills of the Carson Range with connectivity to Carson City. Most of the trail will be located on Forest Service lands and some will be on Carson City lands. The project proposes to construct approximately 6 miles of single-track trail designed for non-motorized uses including mountain biking, hiking and equestrian between Ash Canyon and Kings Canyon. Trail access points will be Kings Canyon Road, Waterfall Road, and Ash Canyon Road

This meeting is one of the last steps before we can start construction on what is sure to be a fantastic trail!

If you would like to learn more about this project,  have questions, or would like to show support for the trail, please attend this meeting.


Nevada Legislature Passes Two Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Bills

The Nevada Vulnerable  Highway Users Law and  3-Foot Passing Law will improve conditions for bicycling and walking in the Silver State

 Nevada’s pedestrian fatality rate is almost twice the US average.  Between 2000 and 2009 541 people were killed while walking in Nevada – this makes the state the eighth most dangerous in the nation for walking, according to Transportation for America’s 2011 “Dangerous by Design” report.  Conditions are also hazardous for bicyclists. Urban streets and rural roads with high speed limits, a discontinuous bicycle and pedestrian transportation system, and  careless drivers in a car-oriented culture make for dangerous conditions.

But Nevada also has a growing and active community of bicycle and pedestrian advocates who got together in the 2011 legislative session to work with legislators on two bills to improve cycling and walking conditions in the state.

Muscle Powered, a grassroots citizens organization advocating for better bicycling and walking conditions in Nevada’s capital city, decided last year to make the passage of a Vulnerable Users Law a priority for the Nevada 2011 legislative session.  The bill was modeled on Oregon’s law, which defines vulnerable users and describes additional penalties for careless driving when vulnerable users are affected.

Assemblywoman Teresa  Benitez Thompson  agreed to sponsor the bill.  Benitez Thompson’s district  – Reno’s “old southwest” neighborhood  – is home to many who commute by bicycle from their homes in her district to the University of Nevada and downtown offices and casinos. She saw the bill as directly affecting the wellbeing of her constituents. A coalition of advocates from Muscle Powered, the Nevada Bicycle Coalition, UNLV’s Safe Community Partnership, the Alta Alpina Cycling Club and others worked closely with Benitez Thompson in drafting the bill and providing testimony in committee hearings.

The Nevada Vulnerable Highway Users bill passed both houses unanimously and was signed by Governor Sandoval on June 13. The bill amends Nevada’s reckless driving laws to provide that a person who strikes a pedestrian or person who is riding a bicycle has committed reckless driving, and provides penalties from $250 up to $2,000 and driver’s license revocation.

Meanwhile,  in the Nevada Senate, Senators David Parks and John Lee were joined by Assemblyman Elliott  Anderson  and  nine other state senators in introducing a “3-Foot Passing” Law that requires drivers to change lanes, if there is an additional lane, or leave at least three feet of room while passing bicyclists.  This bill also passed both houses easily, and was signed by the governor on May 19.

Muscle Powered’s Kelly Clark, who headed the team that worked on the Vulnerable Users law, initiated it with the idea of making the streets safer. “It seems like the environment on the streets has been getting more angry, not less. This law is really just the beginning. It basically says striking a pedestrian or cyclist can be grounds for reckless driving and losing your license. There is still a lot of work to do: educating the public; getting cyclists to report incidents; getting law enforcement to take accidents seriously. This legislation is a small step, but it is a start.”