Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Update

Cell over Carson.jpg

View from the future trail. Elev-6100′

The future Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail (KC/ACT) will be a seven mile non-motorized multi-use trail designed for mountain biking and running, and managed for hiking and equestrian use.


Chas Macquarie (Lumos & Assoc.) and Toby Welborn survey the Ash Creek bridge crossing.

After we work out a few details with the City (we’re reviewing the final draft of a cooperative agreement between Muscle Powered and Carson City) we can start construction on the City owned land while we work toward meeting the environmental requirements on the U.S.F.S managed land. We believe this arrangement will speed up the completion date of the trail. By the time trail crews reach the U.S.F.S. boundary, the NEPA process should be complete and we can continue building through to our goal of reaching Kings Canyon.


Juan Guzman (w/camera) Chas Macquarie, Mark Kimbrough, and Dan Morris (USFS) discuss Ash Creek bridge crossing.

Two thirds of the KC/ACT is on land managed by the U.S.F.S., while one third of the alignment is on land owned by Carson City. Our only requirement before construction can begin on City land is to conduct a cultural survey, and in November 2010, Vidler Water’s archeologist Jim Hutchins generously donated his time to perform the survey. Thanks Jim! When it comes to federal land though, we have to comply with the NEPA. And while the cultural survey is one component of NEPA, the other studies we need to complete are hydrology, wildlife, and botanical.

Dr Jim.jpg

Archeologist Dr. Jim taking notes.

Plant Identification.jpg

Kelly, Natalie and Ann discussing plant identification.

On Friday, June 10th, I guided U.S Forest Service botanists Kelly and Natalie across the KC/ACT alignment for the botanical survey. Joining us were Carson City Natural Resources Specialist Ann Bollinger, and Muscle Powered hike leader and board member Donna Inverson.

Big Boulder.jpg

The trail will pass just below the big boulder.

It takes quite a long time to cross the alignment. When we mapped the trail in June of 2010 it took us six hours to cross. To prepare for the upcoming surveys we re-flagged the area and it took us 11 hours to cross. The new deadfall and the rapid re-vegetation make this a difficult area to cross. Fortunately the “ologists” haven’t found anything that will require us to reroute any sections yet.

Kelly,Natalie & Donna.jpg

Kelly, Natalie and Donna.

We hope to start construction on the KC/ACT at the end of June or beginning of July. With all volunteer labor it will take us approximately five years to reach Kings Canyon. To achieve an earlier completion date we are pursuing grants that will fund a professional trail crew to assist in trail construction.

Amy T&K at the high point of the proposed Trail.jpg

Tank, Kayla and Amy at the trail’s high point: 6700′

If you would like to become involved with this project please contact me at:

This project wouldn’t happen without the assistance and support from our outstanding partners and friends:

Amy Potter
Anne Macquarie
Chas Macquarie
Steve Hartman
Howard Riedl
Janice Brod
Roger Moelendorf
Juan Guzman
Ann Bolinger
Vern Krahn
Jim Hutchins
Toby Welborn
Amanda Garcia
Lester FitzHenry
Jeff Moser
Oliver Lieder
Keith Conrad
Alex Kirkpatrick
Josh Lynn
Ward Knous
Marcus Marcheggar
Jenny Scanland
Pat Glancy
Max Jones
Dr. Sandra Koch
Vdler Water
Carson City Runners
Sagebrush Stompers
Carson City-Open Space Advisory Committee
Board of Supervisors
Parks and Recreation Commission
U.S. Forest Service-Genny Wilson
Dan Morris
Tank, Kayla, Zuesa, Bogart & Percy


This trail wouldn’t be possible without Tank.


Carson City Freeway Corridor Multi-use Path Alignment Study Open House May 4, 2011

Carson City hired a consultant (Lumos & Associates) to identify and evaluate alignment alternatives for a non-motorized path along Carson City Freeway corridor.  The study area extends from Northridge Drive on the north end  – by the Boys and Girls Club – to Old Clear Creek Road on the south. Lumos evaluated many alignment options and came up with a recommended alignment. There will be an Open House on May  4th in the front lobby of the Community Center  from  5pm to 7pm. At 5:30 there will be a PowerPoint presentation on the alignment study process that was used to evaluate the alternatives and identify a recommended alternative. Please come to present your comments and voice your support for a dedicated multi-use path along the freeway corridor.

Long time Muscle Powered members will remember that it is this path that got Muscle Powered started as an organization. Basically, the path along the freeway was on the city’s bicycle plan; NDOT said they would not build it; the new Muscle Powered organization gathered hundreds of signatures on a patition asking that it be built – and it was.

At least, the northern half was built. This is the southern half. It would be good if Muscle Powered members and others could show up at this open house and demonstrate to the city that there is still a lot of support for the path. Imagine – riding north to south through all of Carson City on an off-street path – sound good?  Show up on Wednesday!

IMBA Trail Care Crew to Visit the Area

If you’ve ever been interested in the effort that goes into constructing the trails that we frequently enjoy, from working with land managers to working in the field, then this trail building class is for you.

The International Mountain Bike Association Trail Care Crew, with assistance from the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association, Carson Valley Trails Association, and the USFS, is coming to our area to offer a trail building weekend that is open to the public. This is a great opportunity to learn from the pros:

Subaru/International Mountain Bicycling Association Trail Care Crew Coming to South Lake Tahoe, California

Expert team will join TAMBA to teach sustainable trail building

South Lake Tahoe, CA: April 8-10 – The International Mountain Bicycling Association’s (IMBA) Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew will be in South Lake Tahoe, from April 8th through the 10th to talk trails, how to work more effectively with your area land managers, and how to improve the overall economic and social health of our community by creating more riding opportunities. The visit is one of about 70 stops on the 2011 schedule. Everyone is invited to attend the weekend’s events.

The award-winning Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program includes two full-time, professional teams of trail experts who travel North America year-round, leading IMBA Trail building Schools, meeting with government officials and land managers and working with IMBA-affiliated groups to improve local mountain biking opportunities. IMBA’s crews have led more than 1,000 trail projects since the program debuted in 1997.

With the abundance of spring snow, the crew will spend the first day in the classroom on Friday. In collaboration with the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA), topics will include Land Manager Training, Better Living Though Trails, and Club Care Advocacy. These presentations will teach and advocate the health, economic, and social benefits of trails within our community. Weather permitting, Saturday’s session will culminate in a trip to the Carson Valley to break ground on a new trail that will ultimately connect the Tahoe Rim Trail with the town of Genoa. The crew will spend the morning teaching attendees about the proper techniques of trail building with actual hands-on trail work in the afternoon.

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program has inspired great volunteer trail work across the U.S. and abroad – a big help to government agencies and land managers who have limited funding for trail construction and upkeep. As a direct result, there are now thousands of new and improved trails in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and several European countries.

The Trail Care Crews teach “sustainable” trail building, which means building lasting trails that require minimal maintenance. This helps reduce trail damage, protects the environment and enhances visitor enjoyment.

The Crews travel in new Subaru Outbacks provided by Subaru of America. The company has been IMBA’s leading sponsor since 1997.

All are welcome to join the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew leaders when they come to town. Below is a schedule of events that are open to the public:

Friday, April 8: 12:30 – 5:00 pm; USFS conference room, 35 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe

-TAMBA presentation – “Who we are and what we’ll do”

-Land Manager training.

-Better Living Through Trails

-Club Care presentation (time allowing)

6:00pm -Social event at the Divided Sky in Meyers

Saturday, April 9: 9:00am – 12:00 pm; USFS, 35 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe

-Trail Building classroom session.

1:00 – 4:00 pm – trail construction on the Carson Valley trail outside of Genoa.

Sunday, April 10

-Group mountain bike ride in the Carson Valley. Specifics TBA.

To register for the work day visit

For more information contact:

Land donation to complete Carson River trail

Carson River near Eagle Valley Creek, by Dan Allison

A donation of land from Vidler Water Company fills a gap between the trail on the perimeter of Empire Ranch Golf Course, and Riverview Park, making the trail route available all the way from Mexican Dam to Deer Run Road. The Board of Supervisors accepted the donation yesterday at the board meeting. The last remaining link will be a bridge over Eagle Valley Creek, which will take some time to accomplish with necessary design and then grant funding. Muscle Powered has always supported completion of this trail, as well as extensions up and down river, and with the network of trails in and around Carson City.

See the Nevada Appeal article.

September 18th & 19th Trail Work Camp

Muscle Powered, along with Flume Trail Bikes and the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Backcountry Patrol, came out this past weekend to assist Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Ranger Bill Champion in building a portion of the Hobart Link Trail.

Max at the switchback

With 2,000 feet new trail built, including a switchback, the Back Country Trail Work Camp was a big success. We now have a total of 5,030 feet of the Hobart Link Trail completed.

Fiona, Monica, Donna, Susan

I could tell you about our blisters, aching muscles and hangovers from the Trail
Work Camp, but instead I’ll just share the photos from our weekend.

Marlette Overlook Sunday Morning
Morning ride before trail work.

Bill would like to thank everyone who came out to help;
Jay, Wade, Jody, Max Jones, Susan, Fiona, Donna, Oli, Skip, Garret, Jacob, Kevin Joell, Mike, Al, Monica, and Raj.

Sunday's Crew At The End Of The Day.   Photo Courtesy of Bill Champion
Photo courtesy of Bill Champion

Thanks to Cliff Bar for donating a case of Cliff Crunch Granola Bars.

end of the day
Bill at the end of the day

September 18th & 19th Backcountry Camp

Anyone interested in building new trail?


On the weekend of September 18th & 19th, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Ranger Bill Champion is inviting us to join him in a backcountry trail work camp. Here are a few things Bill requires:

What you should bring:

– work pants – no shorts
– boots or other sturdy footwear
– food/water bottle(s)
– sunblock-insect repellent
– gloves/hat
– all necessary campgear if staying overnite

– I will allow participants to take a vehicle (4WD only) into Marlette Peak Campground and stay Friday and/or Saturday nights at the campground.

– If you wish I will allow you to take your vehicle (4WD only) up for the day only to help out – carpooling encouraged.

– The campground has water and restroom, plenty of camping room with grills, tables and food lockers – if we get a bunch of folks we can share spaces.

Please respond back and let me know if you will be able to participate either Sat or Sun or both. If only a partial day, morning is preferred to limit traffic on North Canyon and work in the ideal conditions in the morning.

Please do not just show up without notice as I will be supplying tools to cover the expected # of participants.”

Also, it’s not going to be all work. Feel free to bring along your mountain bike, running shoes, or hiking boots for a little post-trail work recreation.

To register for the backcountry camp or if you have any questions please contact Jeff Potter at:


August 21st – 22nd Backcountry Camp

The backcountry camp this past weekend was a big success. “Bill the Ranger” invited Muscle Powered to help with the construction of the Hobart Link Trail, or “BCT” (Bill Champion Trail), and allowed us vehicle access to the Marlette Peak Campground.

action shot.JPG

The BCT will be an important addition to the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park trail system. Linking Hobart Reservoir to the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT), this new trail will provide a much easier ascent to the TRT by bypassing “Sunflower Hill”.

jean b.JPG
Jean B
If you would like to read more about this click here.