Sassabration Bike Parade Starting at BAC

Join the Bike Parade from the BAC to Sassafras this Saturday, July 15th at 11:00 AM for the Sassabration! Costumes and Flair encouraged. A to Zen is hosting a refreshment stop halfway to Sassafras!



Saturday’s Trash Mob Relocated


Previously, a message had gone out inviting volunteers to participate in a special Trash Mob this Saturday, July 15th, removing the invasive weed, Bull Thistle from Carson City’s easement at Horse Creek Ranch.

Those plans have been changed.

Parks & Rec called today and with the current conditions of the meadow at Horse Creek Ranch we will not be able to make it up for the thistle removal. Everything is still too wet and overgrown to have a complete, safe work day. We will try again later this fall when the conditions improve.

Instead, we will hold a normal one-hour Trash Mob on the east side of the Carson River. Meetup Saturday, July 15th at 8:00 am at the dirt lot just off Sierra Vista Ln.

Meetup location:

Work gloves and trash bags provided. Dress appropriately.

Hail the Trail Deadline Midnight, Sun 6/25


The deadline to purchase raffle tickets to win one of three high-speed mountain bikes is fast approaching. There are only a few hours left before the deadline of midnight tonight (Sunday, June 25th). The drawing will be made at noon on Monday, June 26th. So act now and go to to get your raffle tickets.

From the Epic Rides website…

• Registration will close on June 25th, 2017 at 00:00 PDT.
• Winner will be drawn, at random, on June 26th, 2017 at 12:00 PDT.


Hail the Trail Extended




The deadline to buy raffle tickets for the Hail the Trail fundraiser has been extended to Monday, June 26th at 5:00 pm PDT.

Teri Vance, local journalist, had the chance to talk to Zoë Loffreda from Epic Rides regarding the Hail the Trail fundraiser. “With our Off-Road Series ending June 18, we want to round out the season the best way we know how – giving back to our local trail associations,” said Zoë, marketing manager for Epic Rides. “By extending our Hail The Trail Program, it allows for more riders and trail lovers to get involved after experiencing some top-notch riding at the Carson City Off-Road. We are incredible close to reaching our $30,000 goal, but we need your help!”


According to the Epic Rides web site, Hail the Trail is a new annual fundraiser to benefit the trail organizations that build & maintain trails of the Off-Road Series. 100% of the funds raised will go to repairing, maintaining, and expanding existing trail systems in Prescott, Grand Junction, and Carson City. Funds raised will be split evenly between all 3 locations.



Raffle tickets are $4 each and three mountain bikes will be given away to some very lucky riders. The winners will get to choose from any Ibis bike, a Salsa Deadwood, and a Norco Optic C7.1. With all of the components, each of these mountain bikes are worth over $6,000. So not only does purchasing a raffle ticket give you the opportunity to win a mountain bike, it also helps trail building efforts right here in Carson City.

Go to for more details and to purchase raffle tickets.

Hail the Trail by Epic Rides


Help Muscle Powered build and maintain endless runs of sweet, flowy single-track while at the same time winning a wicked-cool mountain bike. “But how do I perform such wizardry?” you may be asking yourself. Read on, friends…

From the people who brought you the Carson City Off-Road, voted the best domestic mountain bike race in the country at Interbike 2016, comes the best fundraiser in the country (perhaps the world). The Hail the Trail project by Epic Rides gives three lucky riders the chance to win the bike of their dreams.


  • The Salsa Deadwood is a full-suspension 29er with 3″ tires and a carbon front triangle.



  • The Ibis Ripley 29 is a full-suspension 29er carbon fiber bike. (Actually, you can pick any Ibis bike if you win.)

Proceeds from the fundraiser will be split evenly between the three trail organizations that support the Off-Road Series that Epic Rides puts on. In Carson City, that trail organization is Muscle Powered. Check out what Master Trail Builder, Jeff Potter along with a few members of the Carson City High School Mountain Biking Team had to say about their hometown trails in this video…

You want to win a wicked-cool mountain bike? You want to support local trail-building efforts? You want to just be a nice person? Go buy some raffle tickets!

Raffle tickets cost only $4 each. Go to and get some!

And don’t forget to tell your friends, family, co-workers, and even that annoying neighbor about the Hail the Trail fundraiser.

Bike to Work Week 2017 Corporate Challenge Results

What a great CC this year! We finally ended the week with beautiful weather.  NV Public Works Spoke Patrol swept the Public category while Carson City Orthodontics won the Mileage and Avg Miles in the Private category.  Allison MacKenzie held on to their Trips for another year.

Thanks to all the teams that made this a fun and fantastic Challenge!

Total Miles  – 3,155.96

Total Trips – 651

Total Calories Burned – 126238.4

CO2 offset by cycling vs. driving (pounds) – 1,669.85


The winners of the Bike to Work Week 2017 Corporate Challenge are;

Public Private
Max Miles NV Public Works Spoke Patrol Carson City Orthodontics
Max Trips NV Public Works Spoke Patrol Allison MacKenzie
Max Average NV Public Works Spoke Patrol Carson City Orthodontics

Miles  * Indicates Private Business Category

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 1063.70
NDOT 574.66
DCNR EcoCyclists 353.50
DETR Cyclepaths 284.30
OTR 190.80
Carson City Orthodontics* 136.50
RCI Rowdies* 125.00
Allison MacKenzie* 120.48
NV Guard Rough Riders 100.02
Capitol Automotive* 67.00
Lumos & Associates* 61.10
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 36.50
USPS Goatheads 26.00
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 16.40


NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 145
DETR Cyclepaths 134
DCNR EcoCyclists 67
Allison MacKenzie* 65
Lumos & Associates* 35
OTR 25
Carson City Orthodontics* 22
RCI Rowdies* 22
NV Guard Rough Riders 15
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 15
Capitol Automotive* 10
USPS Goatheads 10
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 2

Avg Miles

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 8.46
OTR 3.82
Carson City Orthodontics* 3.41
Capitol Automotive* 1.68
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 1.46
Allison MacKenzie* 0.83
RCI Rowdies* 0.83
Lumos & Associates* 0.51
NDOT 0.21
NV Guard Rough Riders 0.20
DCNR EcoCyclists 0.18
DETR Cyclepaths 0.15
USPS Goatheads 0.09
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 0.05

Calories Burned


Allison MacKenzie 4819.2
Carson City Orthodontics 5460
DCNR EcoCyclists 14140
Capitol Automotive 2680
DETR Cyclepaths 11372
Lumos & Associates 2444
NDOT 22986.4
NV Guard Rough Riders 4000.8
NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 42548
OTR 7632
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers 1460
RCI Rowdies 5000
USPS Goatheads 1040
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 656

C02 Offset

Allison MacKenzie 28915.2
Carson City Orthodontics 32760
DCNR EcoCyclists 84840
Capitol Automotive 16080
DETR Cyclepaths 68232
Lumos & Associates 14664
NDOT 137918.4
NV Guard Rough Riders 24004.8
NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 255288
OTR 45792
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers 8760
RCI Rowdies 30000
USPS Goatheads 6240
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 3936


Bike to Work Day 2017

We’re at the end of another great week of commuting to work by bike. We received some great comments and photos which you will read below.  Thank you all for making this a great and fun event! Please join us tonight at McFadden Plaza to celebrate Bike to Work Week. This is a benefit for Muscle Powered so please come out and support our great organization.

Bike to Work Week Party at McFadden Plaza 6pm – 8pm

Come celebrate Bike to Work Week where winners of the Corporate Challenge will be announced, entertaining games will be held, and fabulous prizes will be raffled. The White Hats will provide entertainment on the outdoor stage at McFadden Plaza


Sweet Cruiser Fat Bikes will be raffled at the Bike to Work Week Party. Bike are a generous donation from Bike Habitat. Thanks Denis!


This conscientious rider picked these of the ground. Thank you Deirdre!

I wonder if she tossed them into the fast lane?



This is why we ride. Both photos courtesy of Allison MacKenzie Law Firm.


image002Now these riders are having fun. Photos courtesy of Carson City Orthodontics

“We have had sooooo much fun riding this week and our whole team wants to continue riding after this week is over and done.  What a great event!” – Carson City Orthodontics.

That is what it’s all about!

More Rider Comments

“I broke my left pedal on yesterdays ride. I will blame uphill pedal torque and the wind. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! :-)” – OTR

“I used to ride regularly, but haven’t ridden my bike to work for 8 or 9 years!!! Since then I have thought about bike commuting, as it is a great use of my time especially with a couple of young kids, but never got my act together to do it. That is until now, and I couldn’t be more stoked! What a great way to be outside! Hope you are having a great day! Cheers.” – DCNR EcoCyclists

“Runnin’ reds and killin’ peds” – Premium Rush (2012) – DETR – Psychopaths

“How can there be a headwind in every direction that you turn?” – Allison MacKenzie

“Ready for some sunny weather🌞” – Redrock Dental Molarcyclers

“Oh the deep joy of a brisk morning ride to the south of town, as the sun rises on Freel Peak! (oh, and no traffic!)” – RCI Rowdies

“Half our team met at Schat’s and rode 4 miles to and from the office today then we all rode out to lunch. It was the first time some of them have ridden a bike that far in years and we laughed the whole time. Fun!” – Carson City Orthodontics

“My feet hurt” – USPS Goatheads

Results as of 6am

Miles *Indicate Private Business

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 574.70
NDOT 312.10
DCNR EcoCyclists 204.70
DETR Cyclepaths 192.40
Carson City Orthodontics* 136.50
OTR 114.00
RCI Rowdies* 109.00
Allison MacKenzie* 98.02
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 98.02
NV Guard Rough Riders 69.22
Capitol Automotive* 43.00
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 28.50
USPS Goatheads 22.00
Lumos & Associates* 11.40


NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 119
DETR Cyclepaths 79
Allison MacKenzie* 52
DCNR EcoCyclists 36
Lumos & Associates* 26
Carson City Orthodontics* 22
RCI Rowdies* 18
OTR 15
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 12
NV Guard Rough Riders 11
USPS Goatheads 9
Capitol Automotive* 4
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 2