To enter Muscle Powered’s Bike Commuter Challenge, please send an email to:, and include the following information:
* Company, Agency Name
* Contact information – E-Mail and Phone # of team contact
*Number of company/agency employees
When: The Bike Commuter Challenge runs during Bike to Work Week (May 13 – 17, 2019).
Who: Anyone may enter!
Two Divisions: Private Business and Public Agency
* Total miles
* Number of trips
* Avg team miles
There is no rider limit.
* Riders may ride as many or as few days as they wish.
* Total Miles: Miles ridden to work and back may be counted. Miles ridden at lunch for dining or errands may be counted. If you ride with your children to school you may include one mile to your company’s daily total. Recreational ride mileage may not be counted!
* Trips: The ride to work and back is one trip. An errand or ride to lunch is considered one trip. You may include riding to and from school with your children as one additional trip.
* Total miles for each day will be averaged with total number of company/agency employees. Think, you’re riding for the company.  The more people you encourage to ride the better your average, plus more team miles. The team with the most miles in this category is the winner.
* Alternative Transportation: One of the goals of Bike to Work Week is to encourage alternative transportation. Therefore, walking, public transportation, and multi-mode transportation will be allowed. Bicycle trips and bus/auto trips may be combined for one trip; for example, taking the bus half way to work and riding the rest of the way. However, bus/auto mileage cannot be added to your team’s total mileage.
* In the event of a tie the total age of participating employees will determine the winner.
Have Fun!
Spirit of the Bike Commuter Challenge.
Our goal for the Bike Commuter Challenge is to get more people on their bicycles. More bicycles on the road means less cars on the road. Less cars on the road equals less pollution and congestion. Plus riding is fun! Riding with your friends is fun! Riding with your family is more fun!
With a small town like ours it’s possible to get from your home to your office in a very short amount of time. If you live 1 – 5 miles from work this is something you can do on a daily basis with considerable health benefits. These are the citizens we want to encourage most. We feel the avid cyclist should already be riding to work to log training miles.
The competition isn’t about winning. You win just by riding. This is an honor system, so here are a few guidelines to help you keep track of your trips and miles.
Training miles: Training miles do not count. The competition wouldn’t be very competitive if we allowed it. Granny competing against Joe (10,000 miles a year) Stud isn’t very competitive. Please remember who we’re trying to motivate. If your an avid cyclist you should already be riding to work.
Route to work: Choose the route that you would, during your normal routine, drive your vehicle. If you live 3 miles from work you probably don’t get in your car and drive a loop around the city before arriving to the office. So please don’t do it on your bicycle. We encourage exploring alternative routes to work, but in a linear fashion. Adding miles for the sake of winning isn’t really fair. Riding out of your way to buy a 1/2 pint of Southern Comfort on your way to the Post Office probably isn’t fair.
Trips: Ride to work and back, fair. Ride to lunch and back, fair. Ride for an errand, fair. Creating excuses to get out of the office to rack up trips, probably not. If you wouldn’t do it during a normal work week, please don’t do it now. Play fair. Thank you!
Last Year’s Results
Total Miles  – 3,155.96
Total Trips – 651
Total Calories Burned – 126238.4
CO2 offset by cycling vs. driving (pounds) – 1,669.85
Last Year’s Winners
Public Miles – NV Public Works Spoke Patrol: 1,063.7 mi
Private Miles – Carson City Orthodontics: 136.5 mi
Public Trips – NV Public Works Spoke Patrol: 145
Private Trips – Allison-MacKenzie: 65
Highest Avg Public – NV Public Works Spoke Patrol: 8.46
Highest Avg Private – Carson City Orthodontics: 3.41