Welcome to the web page of Muscle Powered. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that for the past 20 years has sought to improve the quality of life for the members of our community through the promotion of healthy living. We do this a number of ways.
Number one, we promote and advocate for the improvement of municipal infrastructure supporting muscle-powered forms of alternative transportation (e.g. walking and cycling). Number two, we work toward building and maintaining a connected network of both off-road single-track and paved, non-motorized, multi-use trails, thus creating a desirable healthy environment for those who choose to recreate outdoors. Number three we help to make Carson City and the surrounding Eagle Valley a healthier environment through the support of numerous and varied environmentally friendly efforts.
Our work as a non-profit helps improve not only the overall health of the individuals in our community, but it also contributes to the economic engine that drives Carson City to be the outdoor destination that it is. Through our many partnerships with the city and other like-minded organizations, Muscle Powered seeks to continually to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Muscle Powered

Walk, Bike, Build

Improving lives by improving our community