A Call to Action


Dear Muscle Powered,

Over the next couple of days, there are two items of interest to local bicyclists that will be considered at public meetings. The people who serve us need to know what we want so they can be effective in carrying out their jobs. We need your support to make public comment on the following issues.

South Carson Complete Streets Project

At the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) meeting on Wednesday (approximately 5 pm in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center), Public Works will present the 90% design completion for the South Carson Complete Streets project. The roundabout included in the project presents some concerns, and we need your voice there to make public comment.

The design has a dedicated northbound travel lane for vehicles that peels off to Stewart St making it very hard for cyclists to enter the roundabout. Northbound cyclists approaching the roundabout have to leave the protected multi-use path and cross the dedicated traffic lane to get to the roundabout. We would like to see the elimination of the dedicated lane for a right turn on to Stewart St, and instead have all vehicles enter the roundabout. This configuration mirrors the southbound approach lanes which have sharper curves and thus encourage lower rates of vehicular speed. Additionally, northbound cyclists would not have to cross a traffic lane and could enter the roundabout in a much more safe manner. The consultant firm (Kimley Horn) is designing the roundabout and feels the dedicated lane will make vehicles flow more smoothly on to Stewart St. In reality, this will increase the automobiles’ rate of speed and most cyclists will end up going to the end of the multi-use path and then be forced to dismount to use the crosswalk.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Position

On Thursday, in the same location, the Board of Supervisors is meeting and there is an item of concern on the agenda. Public Works is proposing the elimination of the dedicated Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator position. Currently, Public Works intends to change the position to a Traffic Planner/Analyst. Instead of taking a step backward and reducing the effectiveness of the bike/ped program, we would like to see Carson City continue to grow as a bicycle-friendly community with a dedicated Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator. Having that position within Public Works gives cyclists and pedestrians a voice at the table when engineers are designing Carson City streets with only automobiles in mind.

It’s hard to tell exactly what time the agenda item will be discussed, but the best guess is approximately 10 am.

Staff Summary: Staff is requesting approval to eliminate the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator (P1) position and to create a new Transportation Planner/Analyst position (P2). This position is grant funded with Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds for the Safe Routes to School Program. NDOT has confirmed this change will not jeopardize the grant funding, and the salary increase can be supported by the available grant funding.  

Thanks for helping us to make Carson City a more walkable and bikeable place to live.


Randy Gaa
President, Muscle Powered


Hail the Trail is Back

FB-Animated-Hail The Trail

Celebrating its third year, the Hail The Trail 2019 is a fundraiser for trails, rewarding three lucky winners with a brand new mountain bike from Specialized Bicycles, Pivot Cycles, and SCOTT Sports.

To date, Hail the Trail has raised more than $70,000, benefiting trail building organizations in the host communities of the Epic Rides Series.

For two weeks only, each ticket you purchase for #HailTheTrail goes to funding Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance, Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Muscle Powered, and Ozark Off-Road Cyclists to keep doing what they are doing … keeping the trails alive. Keeping our sport alive.


Ready. Set. Go. https://epicrides.com/hailthetrail/

Muscle Powered Needs Your Vote

We need your vote. Beginning tomorrow, September 25, 2018, please click on this link (note: the link won’t work until Tuesday, 9/25/2018) and vote for Muscle Powered to receive the 2018 NV Energy Power of Good Giveaway. The money will be used to conduct research along Secret Trail, identifying the most resilient native species of plants. The findings will be shared with local and regional land managers to help benefit trail building efforts in the Eastern Sierra. You can vote once per day. Voting is only open for four days, so please maximize your voting potential and vote each day.

Clicking on the image above will take you to the voting site.

In keeping with our mission of building a more walkable and bikeable community, Muscle Powered, in partnership with Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space, will conduct a reseeding project along a portion of Secret Trail in the Eastern Sierra foothills. Dr. Johanna Foster, an ecologist and Board member of Muscle Powered will lead the collaborative effort to analyze which native plant species are most successful at regeneration. Research results will help land managers develop sustainable trail designs, and will be used for training and educational purposes with a goal of benefiting future recovery efforts on local trail systems.

Hail the Trail – BONUS RAFFLE

Just like last year, Epic Rides is sponsoring an incredible fundraiser that benefits Muscle Powered and we couldn’t be more stoked about it.

The Hail the Trail raffle gives you the chance to win a brand new mountain bike worth over $6,000. But this year there’s an added bonus!

Enter the Hail the Trail Raffle and in addition to winning a mountain bike, you could win one of these AWESOME components from FOX.

34-sc-orange-spec-01                                            transfer-factory-kashima-internal

         Fox Factory 34 Step-Cast                                   Fox Transfer Dropper Post

Every purchase of a Hail the Trail raffle entry also qualifies you for a chance to win one of these great bonus prizes from Fox. To enter the bonus drawing, go to the main Hail the Trail promotion page, buy one or more entries, come by the Muscle Powered tent during the Carson City Off-Road with proof of purchase (a confirmation on your phone or printed receipt is fine) and we will get you entered. Every Hail the Trail ticket equals one chance for the bonus drawing, so more Hail the Trail tickets means more chances to win the seat post or fork.

We will draw for these prizes on Sunday afternoon (June 17) You do not need to be present to win.

The prizes will be awarded in the form of a certificate issued by Fox so you will be able to select the correct size fork or post for your needs.

Email Muscle Powered with any questions: info@musclepowered.org

Here is a video from last year’s Hail the Trail campaign. It gives you a look into some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our trails in pristine condition.

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge 2018 Results


Conner McRae schooling Jeff Potter at the Muscle Powered Bike to work Week party tricycle race.

Total Challenge Miles – 1,841

Total Trips – 349

C02 offset by cycling vs. driving (pounds) – 974.16

Calories burned – 73,645

Winners Public Category

Nevada Public Works Spoke Patrol.

Total mileage, trips and avg team miles was a sweep this year.

Winners Private Category

Total Milage – Carson City Orthodontics

Total Trips and Avg Team Miles – Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers

Total Miles

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol
DCNR EcoCyclists
NDOT 170.22
Carson City Orthodontics
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers
OTR 121
Lumos & Associates
RCI Rollers 83
NV Secretary of State
Allison MacKenzie
Capitol Automotive

Total Trips

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol
DCNR EcoCyclists
NV Secretary of State
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers
Allison MacKenzie
Carson City Orthodontics
OTR 23
RCI Rollers 19
Lumos & Associates

Avg Team Miles

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers
OTR 2.42
Capitol Automotive
Carson City Orthodontics
Lumos & Associates
RCI Rollers 0.55
NV Secretary of State
Allison MacKenzie
DCNR EcoCyclists
NDOT 0.02