Carson City Bike Map 4th Edition


Carson City Bicycle Route Map and Safe Cycling Guide – 3rd Edition

Carson City Bicycle Route Map

Muscle Powered collaborated with the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department, the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, and local businesses to produce a bicycle map of Carson City. The map shows bike routes through and around the town, and the map’s reverse holds safe cycling tips. The third edition of the map is available here, and also at various locations in Carson City. Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF ready software is required to download map.

MAP SIDE (pdf format)


Carson City Bicycle Route Map online: A collection of descriptions, recommendations, map notes, and photos of bicycle lanes and routes in Carson City. The resource is being built, and only about half the routes are complete at this time. Courtesy of Dan Allison.

Other maps:

Carson City’s Unified Pathways Master Plan (2006) BikeLaneMap and BikeRouteMap; Carson City’s Roadway Functional Classification Map (2005).

Ash to Kings Trail Map