The Strategic Plan

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To realize our vision at Muscle Powered, clear, consistent and persistent communication to existing and new partners and members is critical. The process of building a bike and pedestrian-friendly community requires partners, and we will engage those partners persistently to realize the other aspects of this plan.

Education and Advocacy

We aim to help create a Carson City where all residents feel safe walking, hiking or cycling. The bedrock of our mission is a strong outreach and advocacy campaign to ensure citizens and critical decision makers are informed about the benefits and current research about muscle-powered options for transportation. The process and partnerships in building a bike and pedestrian-friendly community requires engage those partners in the value of pedestrian and bike-friendly facilities, promoting a culture of muscle-powered activities throughout our community, as well as supporting events that raise awareness and encourage participation by Carson City residents in a walking and biking environment.

Build and Maintain

Muscle Powered was founded on the idea of building a sustainable infrastructure for walking and biking, and we will continue to support such efforts through a strong tradition of volunteerism. This will include enhancing infrastructural items such as sidewalks and bike lanes, increasing the mileage of multi-use trails in Carson City, and linking bicycle and pedestrian facilities with public transportation.

Organizational Excellence

Muscle Powered thrives because of its active membership. Into the future, we will seek new and creative ways to activate its membership through exciting volunteer programs and opportunities to learn and grow within the organization. See the Muscle Powered bylaws.