No Zombie Texting Video Competition Application

The video is to be created by team members without use of outside trademarked products. No
music, images or clips may be used from trademarked or copy written sources. All Team
members should review the application and agree to share any award equally.
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Team Members:
Please provide a Brief Biography/Description of the role in the video for each Team Member:
(For example: Yumiko Lee is a sophomore at Argent Preparatory Academy and is the director of the video. Juan Santiago is a sophomore at Argent Preparatory Academy and an actor in the video. Jane Doe is a sophomore at Argent Preparatory Academy and is the editor of the video.)[contact-field label=’Team Member Descriptions’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/]
Video Format Requirements
Video is to be created in a MP4 format and must include or adhere to the following elements:
Title: No Zombie Texting (need not be at the beginning, title can be placed anywhere in the :30
Second Video).
Length: 30 Second Video – longer videos will not be judged.
Images: Multiple images of texters in different transportation activities (ie. Walking,
skateboarding, driving, biking, are fine) But the basic message is that Driving while Texting kills bicyclists and pedestrians.
Required Words: “It’s Not Worth A Life. Put the Phone Down. No Zombie Texting”
Sponsor Statement: Sponsored by Muscle Powered, Citizens for a Walkable and Bikeable
Carson City and the Nevada State Governor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.
Submission requirements: MP4 file must be uploaded to a thumb drive and turned in to Room #136 at Carson High School.
Deadline: Video must be submitted by April 10, 2018

Video Scoring Criteria:
Videos will be scored on a 100 point spread.
1)Complete application – 20 points
2)Creative use of imagery – 20 points
3)Creative application of data-20 points
4)Powerful and emotional response/reaction – 20 points.
5)FINAL Overall Product-completeness, impact, formatting and usefulness for statewide
distribution – 20 points.

By clicking on the submit button, members of the team agree to to the following:
We understand that the video will become the property of Muscle Powered and will be used
without further reimbursement. We the above mentioned team members agree that we are working together on this video competition project and will share the award equitably if we win. We understand that first prize is $750, second prize is $500 and third prize is $250. We understand that we may be asked to provide interviews, share pictures or speak about the problem of teen texting and driving.[/contact-form]