Trash Mob ‘Hits’ Downtown Carson City


Many people in Carson City have had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful pedestrian and cycling friendly downtown corridor since it officially opened on October 28th. With its wide sidewalks and bike lanes, downtown Carson City is something we all can be very proud of. Let’s show everyone that we love our new downtown corridor by doing our part and keeping it clean.

This Saturday, November 19th at 9 AM meet up at McFadden Plaza where Muscle Powered will pass out work gloves, and we’ll take a little stroll along the sidewalks of the newly completed Carson Street. Traveling north to East Williams St, we’ll remove trash and place it in the many trash cans along the sidewalk as we go (no need to carry trash bags).

Carson City is a great place to live, work, and play. If everyone gets involved, it can be even better. Meet us at McFadden Plaza at 9 AM and lend a hand to keep Carson City beautiful.

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Trash Mobs meet on the third Saturday of the month at various locations around town, where awesome volunteers like you spend one hour out of their weekend to help keep Carson City beautiful. Check out our membership page and consider becoming a member.

October Trash Mob – The After Report


It was a cool, brisk Saturday morning on October 1st as Todd Erickson stood in front of 30 volunteers and informed all present about the plans for the morning. Todd and his family had been working hard to prepare for this day for months in advance, and now the volunteers were gathered to carry out the task at hand. That task was to clean up the thousands of plastic tree protectors along the mountain side in the vicinity of King’s and Ash Canyons.

The Waterfall fire of 2004 scorched much of the landscape along what is now the Ash to King’s Trail. After the fire was out, plastic tree protectors were put in place to assist seedlings in the recovery process. Over 12 years later, the plastic devices lay scattered about the mountain, some still wrapped around the base of young pine trees.

After receiving the safety brief from Muscle Powered’s Trail Coordinator, Jeff Potter, the volunteers split up into 4-wheel drive vehicles and the entire crew, including a Carson City Search and Rescue contingent, convoyed to the top of the Ash To King’s Trail, where the real work began. Armed with nothing more than plastic trash bags, volunteers gathered up thousands of the plastic tree protectors that lay littered along the hillsides. Teams made quick work of designated areas, as Todd Erickson had done his homework and marked several spots on the map where large concentrations of the plastic devices were located. SAR lent a helping hand and got some good training at the same time, practicing maneuvering a single-wheeled gurney loaded down with heaps of over-stuffed trash bags filled with the plastic tree protectors.

The volunteers worked throughout the morning, gathering hundreds of large leaf bags filled with the plastic tree protectors. There were so many bags that it proved difficult to get them all to the bottom of the hill where there was a 20-yard dumpster waiting to be filled with the debris. Pick-up trucks were piled high with the trash bags and the loads were strapped down to keep from falling during the descent.

The event proved to be the largest attended Trash Mob to date. 30 volunteers worked 140 man-hours and filled a 20-yard dumpster (which was donated by Waste Management) to the brim with the trash collected. Todd Erickson, his wife Andrea, and his son Ari were all instrumental in putting this event together. Many local businesses were contacted and made donations to the effort. After the work was completed, the volunteers gather back at Longview Park where food and beverages were waiting and the rest of the donated prizes were raffled off. Businesses that made contributions to the Trah Mob included: Bike Habitat, Bike Smith, Yogurt Beach, Greenhouse Garden Center, Sani-Hut, Trader Joe’s, Home Depot, Jamba Juice, Target, San Marcos Grill, US Sub Base, Cracker Box, Grocery Outlet, Walmart (Topsy Ln), Costco, Duncan Donuts, and Capital Automotive.

The people of Carson City owe a debt of gratitude the Erickson family, all the generous local business owners who helped out, the Carson City Search and Rescue team that participated, and all the incredible volunteers who worked so hard climbing up and down the hillside, often in treacherous terrain, to clean up one of the most valuable resources to our community. Thanks to everyone for a job well done.










After the Waterfall fire of 2004, plastic tree protectors were put in place to help the seedlings that were planted as part of the recovery process. Since that time, the plastic tree protectors have long outlived their usefulness and are now an eyesore. On Saturday, October 1st, please join local Boy Scouts for a special Trash Mob to remove the plastic protectors.

  • Meet at 7:45-8:00 at Long Ranch Park/corner of Bristol & Longview
  • REQUIRED: long pants, long sleeved shirt, closed toe shoes, helmet (bike helmets okay), and gloves (Muscle Powered has a few helmets and gloves for those who do not have those items)
  • Snips for clipping plastic connectors (optional)
  • Water and light snacks for the work site will be provided
  • Coffee and light snacks in AM
  • 12:30-2:00 Lunch at Long Ranch Park after cleanup (bring your own sack lunch, beverages provided)
  • Raffle with local merchant prizes during lunch

Click HERE for a map of the meet up location.

Please send questions to


August Trash Mob

20160319_080712This Saturday, August 27th, Muscle Powered will be holding its monthly Trash Mob. This time, the group’s efforts will be concentrated on cleaning up a portion of the Carson River. The Trash Mob will meet at 8:00 am on the just south of Lloyd’s bridge along the east side of the river off of Sierra Vista Lane. Trash bags, work gloves, and trash pickers will be provided.

Who: All are invited
What: Trash Mob
When: Saturday, August 27th from 8-9 am
Where: East side of the Carson River, south of Lloyd’s Bridge: Google map of location

Annual Sassabration Festival


Don’t forget about the awesome bike parade/pride ride this Saturday from the Brewery Arts Center to Sassafras at 11 AM this Saturday! The Carson City Sheriffs Office is providing escort and there is an epic stop at A to Zen for water and organic homemade lemonade and gourmet iced teas (infused with local Lavender)! A to Zen is about to launch their Tea Bar – but we get an advance preview and free tasting! There will be a truck and trailer heading back to BAC after arriving at Sassabration for those who want their bikes brought back downtown and secured at the BAC until later in the day or Sunday… Join us on this awesome ride celebrating ALL community, diversity, and unity!!!

Trash Mob at Blue Canyon Mill


During the Comstock Lode stamp mills dotted the landscape along the Carson River east of Carson City. Ore from nearby mines were brought to the stamp mills to be processed and have the gold and silver removed from the rock before it was sent off to San Francisco.

One of these mills, the Blue Canyon Mill located in the Carson River Canyon, is long gone but remnants of the foundation are still visible. Despite bullet-riddled signs that designate the area as a “No Shooting” zone, there is evidence of target shooting along with illegal dumping. The Trash Mob will clean up the area removing garbage from the historical site as well as the nearby Carson River.

Meet at the dirt parking lot along Deer Run Rd at 8:00 am and we’ll carpool in to the site which about a mile down the gravel road. The road gets rocky as you approach the site, so vehicles with ground clearance are recommended beyond the parking area. Trash bags, work gloves, and trash pickers will be provided.

Who: Everyone is invited to attend
What: Trash Mob, a one hour concentrated effort to remove trash
When: Saturday, June 25th, 8-9 am
Where: Meet at the dirt parking lot on the east side of Deer Run Rd where it crosses the Carson River (click here for map)
Why: A landmark of historical significance desperately needs to be cleaned up

If you have any questions, email Randy Gaa at