Sidewalk improvements on Saliman

new sidewalk and ramps on Saliman at Damon

The city has nearly finished a project to improve sidewalks along Saliman Road between Seeliger Elementary School and Colorado St. Eleven corners were improved with ADA compliant ramps (which help everyone, not just the disabled), and some rough sections of sidewalk were replaced. The best part from a Safe Routes to School perspective is that the drain inlet which used to be right in the middle of the crosswalk over Saliman at Damon Road was moved to the north, out of the crosswalk. This drain inlet was in the worst possible place. It’s one of those drains which both scared you and fascinated you when you were a kid, not the kind of thing you want to face first thing in the morning on your way to school.

A big bravo to Carson City Public Works for this project, which was funding by the regular sidewalk repair program.


Washington St Sidewalks

sidewalk replacing a drainage ditch

If you’ve been on Washington St recently, you’ve noticed major sidewalk work going on. This project by Carson City Public Works is funded by a $330K Community Development Block Grant.

A sidewalk to the east of Roop St has already improved access to the Community Center and Aquatic Center, and sidewalks will be replaced or ADA curb cuts added from Carson St to Roop St, but the biggest part is the addition of sidewalks to the north side of Washington between Plaza St and Stewart St. There was formerly a deep drainage ditch and no sidewalk between the businesses and the Stewart St intersection. Already the drainage has been placed underground and sidewalk work is progressing.

This project, in addition to improving the city’s compliance with ADA requirements, will provide a pedestrian friendly access between major community resources such as the community center, library, downtown, and businesses. Many of these sidewalks will not just be the required minimum five feet in width, but will be eight feet or more, welcoming pedestrian use. This project also complements the Safe Routes to School program as a number of middle school students use Washington on their way to Carson Middle School.