Ten Percent Challenge

Muscle Powered and Bike Carson are challenging Carson City to reduce motor vehicle traffic by 10% in Carson City on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 21. Measurements will be taken at some key traffic locations on Bike to Work Day and one week beforehand, so that comparisons may be made.

We’ve come up with ten actions that may help Carson City achieve this goal:

  1. Ride your bike to work
  2. Walk to work
  3. Carpool
  4. Use public transportation
  5. Let your kids walk, bike, skateboard and scooter to school
  6. Exercise at home
  7. Make meals at home
  8. Accumulate errands
  9. Steer clear of big box stores
  10. Turn off your cell phone

A Ten Percent Challenge document provides detail on each of these items, letting you know more about what you can do and why. A Ten Actions for 10% flier is available that you can print for your own use, and post around town in places where people will see it.

We ask for your help in measuring motor vehicle traffic. Please volunteer by contacting Dan Allison, allisondan52@gmail.com. We need to know ahead of time your name and the location you pick. It can be a high or moderate traffic street or intersection. You need not specify the time you’ll be there ahead of time, but the time does need to be the same on May 21 and on May 14. It can be at any time of day, not just commuter hours, since we are trying to reduce overall motor vehicles trips, and only about 1/3 of trips are now related to work. We ask for at least one hour, though if you can do more than an hour, that is great. You’ll report your counts by Monday, May 24, and we will compile them and report back on the results for Carson City.

If you can count two things at once, then you may also count bicycle traffic, but our main focus is motor vehicle traffic. We will start counting bicyclist and pedestrian traffic in the future.


Bike Month is on the Horizon

End of BTWW Party
Bike to Work Week Party 2008

May is Bike Month, and it will be here before we know it. Muscle Powered has already begun discussing Bike Month, and have decided to make it our main focus for 2009. We learned a lot from last year’s event, and hope to make this year’s even better. We plan to improve on the things we did well, weed out the things that didn’t go so well, add more resources to the things that should’ve gone better, and come up with new fresh ideas.

One thing we agreed on last year, is that we needed more help. I’m asking for a few volunteers for 2009, so if you’re interested, please raise your hand. The hope is to get one person working in a single area, so they can do that particular thing well, instead of just a few people trying to juggle it all.

If I don’t get any volunteers, I plan to pull out a strategy from the grade school play book. I’ll just start picking some of you. We plan to have our Bike Month kick-off meeting soon. Let me know if you’re interested, or I will let you know if you’re interested. Come on, it’ll be fun!