CAMPO / RTC Meeting Alert

There are a few items on June’s CAMPO/RTC agenda that are important Carson City pedestrians and cyclists! Please take the time from your busy schedule to attend these meetings and show your support for these important projects. Your presence and voice really do make a difference!

Ride with the City Supervisors

On the agenda:

  • Safe Routes to School
  • Freeway Multi-Use Path
  • Bicycle Friendly Community application review

When: June 8th, 4:30 PM
Where: Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room (west side of the building)

Full meeting agendas can be viewed here:

CAMPO Agenda
RTC Agenda


Muscle Powered to Advise CAMPO on Regional Transportation Plan

Muscle Powered members Anne Macquarie and Sue Newberry are members of an “advisory workgroup” that has been set up by the Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Agency (CAMPO) to work with CAMPO staff on revising the Regional Transportation Plan. So why is this important? It’s an opportunity for Sue and Anne to to make sure that CAMPO continues to recognize that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are a part of our transportation plan. And that’s important because what’s not in the plan – doesn’t get built or funded.

In the next advisory workgroup meeting, CAMPO staff are “soliciting and discussing potential projects for inclusion in the Regional Transportation Plan.” We have been encouraged to “submit our ideas for potential transportation improvements to be considered for the CAMPO area during the update of the RTP.”

Do YOU have any bike or ped project that you think should be a part of our 20-year transportation plan? Leave a comment…