CVTA needs your help to finish trails

From Carson Valley Trails Association (

This is an urgent call for help building trail up Sierra and Genoa Canyons (up to the Tahoe Rim Trail) to all mountain bikers.

Background: The CVTA is dedicated to providing access and developing trail in the Carson Valley for all users (hikers, bikers, and equestrians). Under a matching state grant program, the CVTA was able to build a significant new trail network from Eagle Ridge (N of Genoa) to Genoa Canyon and up Sierra Canyon to the TRT (near Genoa Peak) this summer. The mountain bike possibilities on this trail are tremendous including loops and downhill runs starting from the TRT between Daggett and Spooner Summits.

Construction on the Genoa Foothill Trail System

What is needed: CVTA is in desperate need of volunteers to help build trail (at this point mostly trail cleanup). Hours are needed to comply with the matching portion of the state grant. The deadline to provide matching volunteer hours is the end of calendar year 2011. If bikers are going to be users of this trail it is only fair that they pitch in to help build and maintain the trail.

What you can do: Trail building dates are posted on the CVTA web site:

All tools are provided and NO experience is necessary. We need all cycling groups to post this message to their members. Help is needed urgently as future trail development is contingent of the success of this major initiative.

Please pick a date and show up. If you enjoy the trails you should realize that they are only exist because of the hard work of many volunteers. Won’t you be one of them?

CVTA invites you to “Build for Bill”

Saturday, October 22, 2011
8am to 3pm
Genoa Canyon (located at the end of Carson St in Genoa)

Come to Genoa Canyon and “Build for Bill” on Saturday, October 22. Every hour of trail building that you donate will be an hour of support for Bill Hay, CVTA president, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, which prevents him from doing the trailbuilding he loves. For more information on how you can help, see the “Build for Bill” flyer (.pdf).


2010 Hike for Health Trails Challenge

The Carson Valley Trails Association invites you to join their 2010 Hike for Health Challenge!

2010 Hike for Health Trails Challenge Flyer Final2
2010 Hike for Health Trails Challenge

The Carson Valley Trails Association is kicking off a month long Hike-for-Health Challenge. It’s a fundraiser that will help build the 24 mile trail system that begins in Genoa and connect to the Tahoe Rim Trail. It runs from April 22nd – May 23rd.

The silent auction, live auction & raffle kicks off tonight from 5-8pm at the Genoa Town Hall. Spread the word!

Recent Meetings and Happenings

Here’s a look at some of the recent meetings and happenings.

A couple weeks ago, a few of us from Muscle Powered attended the Carson Valley Trails Association Annual Meeting. I was expecting a dozen people in a conference room, but when we arrived, we entered a packed gazebo with 100 people or more! We were on time, but did not even get a seat. The CVTA had an impressive display of all the trail work they’ve done on Carson Valley’s west side, notably the Jobs Peak Ranch and Fay Luther Canyon trail network. Having lived in the Carson Valley for over a decade, I am grateful for all the work they’ve done. Before these trails came along, it was next to impossible to gain access to the mountains without sneaking through barbed wire and no trespassing signs.

Carson Valley Trails Association Meeting
The Jeff’s with Kerstin, President of the CVTA

It was refreshing to see how much support this organization is receiving in the form of volunteer trail work, and tens of thousands of dollars in donations and grant money! We left the meeting inspired, and talked all the way home about how we could bring some of the CVTA’s ideas and energy to Carson City’s west side. We envision a sustainable, protected, multi-use trail system that spans Kings Canyon, Ash Canyon, Vicee Canyon, and Combs Canyon.

Interesting fact: CVTA volunteers pick up 100lbs of dog poop off the trail network per week! Anyone who has been to “Pooh Corner” in Ash Canyon knows how fast this stuff piles up.

At the Feisty Goat
Bike Month Kick-Off Meeting the Feisty Goat Pub

Last Thursday was the kick-off meeting for May’s Bike Month. Six of us showed up at the Feisty Goat Pub for a beer and brainstorming session. We came up with a lot of good ideas, and plan to have another meeting soon. Hopefully next time we’ll pick up the many people that expressed interest, but missed this first meeting. Check the Calendar Tab at the top for upcoming meetings and events.

Bike Carson in the Nevada Appeal

If you read the Nevada Appeal, you may have noticed Bike Carson in the Recreation section. For the past few weeks, a snippet from one of the posts here has appeared in the paper. This has been a great way to reach more people, and I’m starting to get feedback from people that don’t normally read the blog. It does make me a little nervous though, because I’m always afraid I’m going to sound stupid outside the little world of this blog.

Trail News

Carson City Land Acquisition

Did anyone catch the Carson City Land Acquisition story on Carson City is acquiring large portions of land in the Ash Canyon Area. This is great news for trail users. With the city owning a bigger, contiguous block of the land on the west side, we will see greater public access, and hopefully better stewardship of the land. Watch the video and see the details HERE.

OHV Damage in Ash Canyon

A concerned mountain biker recently contacted me to see what can be done about all the recent OHV (motorized off highway vehicles) activity in the “NO MOTOR VEHICLES” area of Ash Canyon. Jeff Potter and I rode up to survey the damage, and here are a few photos I took:

Damage from OHVs
Clearly Marked Sign

Damage from OHVs
New lines being cut right next to existing trail

Damage from OHVs
Free For All

Damage from OHVs
New Roads

And a few more pictures HERE.

While there are signs posted in some areas, other entrances to the canyon do not have signs posted. In fact, the sign in the picture above is posted on the bike path, not next to an access road where a vehicle will most likely enter. As Carson’s west side becomes more popular, it is apparent that better management of the area is needed. Just in the last few weeks, there has been two roll overs in the canyon, the 1st a couple kids, the 2nd a high speed p4x4 police chase! It is my hope that the city’s purchase of the property in the Ash Canyon area will lead to better preservation of the lands. I think that ideally, hikers and bikers should have their own low impact trail system, and motorized vehicles should stay on the existing roads that allow access to Hobart Reservoir. The area is just too small to be an OHV playground. The vast expanses of BLM land east of town are much better suited for this activity. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Carson Valley Trails Association

Last weekend we had the Muscle Powered Annual Meeting, and in attendance was the President of the Carson Valley Trails Association, Kerstin Wolle. Kerstin gave an impressive talk on all they’ve done in the Carson Valley, and invited Carson City residents to attend their CVTA Annual Meeting coming up this Monday, January 19th. If you’ve ever hiked the Faye Luther Trail or Job’s Peak Ranch Trail, you have seen the beautiful work these people do. A few of us plan to attend this meeting to see how we can bring what they’ve done in the Carson Valley to Carson City. Hope to see you there!

CVTA Annual Meeting

Monday January 19, 2009
At the Gazebo at David Walley’s
2001 Foothill Road, Genoa

6 p.m. Doors Open
social, displays, refreshments and no-host bar

6:30 p.m. Meeting
Genoa Foothill Trail System Project Presentation, CVTA grants information, current CVTA volunteer opportunities, 2009 “Hike for Health” Hike-a-thon Preview, Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing on the Trails, and More!

Please come and bring a friend!!!

Jobs Peak, Nevada
Jobs Peak – Carson Valley