Free Coffee on Bike to Work Day

On Friday, May 18th, from the hours of 7am – 8:30am, Comma Coffee is offering one complementary cup of coffee to individuals who are commuting to work by bicycle. Keep an eye out for the special Muscle Powered scones to go with your coffee! Comma Coffee is located at 312 S Carson Street.

Comma Coffee
Inside Comma Coffee 

Also, though not a part of Bike to Work Day, Dutch Bros is offering all coffee drinks for $1 as part of their 5th anniversary celebration.


Sidewalks and livability on 4th St

chairs, tables and umbrellas on the new sidewalk

Carson City Public Works recently rebuilt the sidewalks on Fourth St between Carson St and Curry St, as well as some nearby sidewalks along Fifth St and along Curry St. Years of neglect and tree roots had left the sidewalks almost unusable. It is sad to see the old large trees gone, but they were causing problems for not only sidewalks but sewer systems as well.

Comma Coffee and its associated businesses just added chairs, tables and umbrellas to Fourth St, creating a little island of livability in downtown Carson City. There are several other places, particularly Firkin and Fox and Bella Fiore Wines on Third, and Doppelgangers at Curry and Proctor, where local businesses have turned their businesses outward to street seating and more involvement with pedestrians. These are small steps, but great to see. If you’d like to see more of these amenities in Carson City, please frequent the places that have them, and let them know why you are there!

Safety Inspection/Bike Fit/Flat Tire Fix @ The Bike Smith + Movie Night @ Comma Coffee

the bike smith

To help kick off Bike to Work Week the boys at The Bike Smith are donating their time and labor to the citizens of Carson City.

On Saturday, May 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m, their annual Safety Inspection, Bike Fit and Flat Tire Fix will be held in front of the shop at 900 North Carson Street.

Your bike will receive a safety inspection and if any minor repairs are needed, they will do it for you. You will have to purchase the necessary parts if required, but all the labor is free.

Bike fit will also be checked. The single most important and often overlooked area of cycling is proper bike fit; this can make all the difference between an uncomfortable ride or an enjoyable commute.

There will also be a demonstration on how to fix a flat tire. A very easy skill once learned, though maybe a little hard to grasp until enough experience and confidence is gained to change a flat without assistance.

“Bike Smith Mickey” fearlessly launched his Pugsley (above) off of “The Rock” (below).
The Rock.jpg

And that’s not all.



Once again June at Comma Coffee is helping us make Bike Month a whole lot better. On Saturday evening, May 10 at 6:00, Comma Coffee will host Movie Night, sponsored by Muscle Powered.
This year the feature will be “Off Road to Athens”, a documentary that follows the top U.S. pro mountain bikers as they chase points to get on the 2004 U.S. Olympic team.

Anyone who followed this race, via Velo News, may remember the eventual arbitration hearing that took place……….????

June recently switched coffee vendors and Comma Coffee now serves coffee from one of my favorite roasters, Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Company, based in
South Lake Tahoe.

Comma Coffee is also one four Commuter Stations on Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 16. From the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. bicycle commuters will be able to pick up a free cup of coffee and a Carson City Bicycle Route map.