Snow removal and sidewalks

sidewalk on Curry southbound near Paiute

Snow removal after the recent small snowstorm seemed to me to go pretty well. I checked a number of streets where snow plows last year had pushed snow onto sidewalks, and I saw only one area where this happened this year – on Curry St between Rhodes St and Clearview Dr (photo at right). Did you see any problems? If so, please comment or email Dan Allison, dan at musclepowered dot org. Please be as specific as possible about streets, cross streets, and/or addresses. If you have photos, great.

I am not asking about places where bike lanes, shoulders, or multi-use paths were not cleared. This is also an issue of concern, but I want to focus for now on the higher priority sidewalk issue. After all, bikes can take the lane, but pedestrians have no safe alternatives.


Carson City Sidewalk Projects Update

Washington St

Patrick Pittenger, Transportation Manager at Carson City Public Works, provided a list of recent and future projects to improve sidewalks around Carson City.


  • Fremont Elementary – Sidewalk widening and new connection to gate, about $16k from RTC, complete.
  • Curry near Sophia – Install new detached sidewalk and curb ramps at request of local business, about $20k from RTC, complete.
  • Washington – Sidewalk addition and improvements from Carson St to Roop St, about $306k from CDBG grant and about $13k from RTC, complete.
  • Division/Spear – Remove old sidewalk and replace/upgrade and install corner ramps, about $6K from RTC and remainder from property owner, complete.
  • Fifth and Goni – Sidewalk and bike lane additions on Fifth St between Fairview and Carson River Rd, and on Goni Rd between Arrowhead Dr and Conestoga Dr, CDBG grant, sidewalk work complete but landscaping now being added to Fifth St.

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