2013 Trail Building Season Year End Review

Evening Trail Crew at Jane’s Rock – September 2013

Photo by Jenny Haas
Ray Rickard at the Carson River Trail workday. photo by Jenny Haas
April – 1200ft
We started the season off in April working a couple of days on the Carson River trail located at the Morgan Mill boat ramp. Muscle Powered volunteers built 1200ft of trail along the Carson River connecting the boat ramp to the Deer Run Rd bridge.

Muscle Powered Senior Crew Leader Oliver Lieder at OliMax Rock

May – 675ft
The Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon trail season started May 1st. May had us finishing up where we left off in 2012, completing the OliMax rock and building up to Tomanda’s Beer Rock. It was also good to see Jeremy Vlcan from CVTA take time from his busy schedule to help us on one of our first evening work nights of the season.

We also had a big win in May. Muscle Powered was awarded top honors in the RTP grant 2013/14 cycle. We requested $10,000 for the purchase of tools, but were given an additional $2500 for more tools. $12,500! Sweet! Thank you Jenny!!!

Peter turn 4
RTP committee member Peter Axelson railing turn 4 during our RTP committee field trip

June – 1400ft
National Trails Day kicked off June with 28 people showing up to build trail. We saw a lot of familiar faces, as well as new ones, this day but it was especially “cool” to have Parks & Rec director Roger Moellendorf and Open Space manager Juan Guzman out on the mountain getting their hands dirty with us. We built 500ft of trail on NTD!. Our biggest trail day to date!

National Trails Day

June was a busy month for us as we had Redrock Dental, TAMBA and Troop 16 join us for a few hours of quality work. We also hit the 1 mile mark at the end of June.

Redrock Dental-June 28th

TAMBA-June 14th

Troop 16 – June 23rd

July – 175ft
In July we made it to 4th of July Rock. Named after the day we started construction around the rock. Oli and Ward set the keystone, and 5 weeks later it was completed. It could be the longest time we’ve spent in one location. (Turns 1 and 2, and the wall connecting them, and the Big Ravine, both took 4 weeks to build).

Oliver Lieder starting construction at 4th of July Rock.

Rex at 4th of July Rock

August – 800ft
Once past 4ofJR things moved a little quicker, and a gentle slope helped. Then there was the Rim Fire. Bringing smoke into the area which created unhealthy work conditions. Volunteer turnout lowered to 1-3 individuals for about 3 weeks.

The City is barely visible through the smoke.

September – 1100ft
By September crews reached the Carson City viewpoint. The view point is located between Ash Canyon and Taylor Spring and gives trail users their first full view of the city.

CC Viewpoint

To fulfill our grant match requirement from the RTP awarded to Muscle Powered in May, crews worked on a few of the turns built by the NCC crew in August. The turns were well constructed, we just needed to tweak them a bit. We added another rock layer to the lower leg of the turn and increased the radius of the upper leg, making the turns resemble our turns in Ash Cyn.

By mid September the smoke had cleared and volunteer turnout increased greatly. At the end of the month we made it to the saddle between Ash Cyn and Taylor Spring, and the start of an old roadbed.

Nate Harrison, Conner McCrae, Robert Rigsby, Tobin and Brian McCrae.

October – 1900ft
October was all gravy. I thought we would make it to the saddle by the end of the season but because of all of our great volunteers we were a month ahead of projections. Utilizing the old roadbed as part of the trail alignment really helped things move fast and the Tahoe Mountain Milers helped make that happen. TMM helped throughout the season but really pulled through in October. Thanks TMM! The Bike Smith day was a huge success! We had 25 people turnout to help build 450ft of trail on a steep cross slope. It was great to work with the guys from the shop. We’ve been talking about organizing a workday for a while but weren’t able to make it happen ’til the end of the season. I’m looking forward to more TMM and TBS workdays in the future. Our last big day of construction was a TAMBA/MP build day. We had 17 volunteers help build one rock wall, finish 300ft of trail, and start construction of the lower leg of the next turn. It was great to have TAMBA’s Kevin Joell on the last day guiding us through our first switchberm.

TAMBA’s Kevin Joell placing rocks on the lower leg of the switchberm.

Shannon and Chloe Hataway on the old roadbed.

Bike Smith Day

Retired Crew – 600ft
In June our retired crew, led by Ward knous, continued construction (started last year by Troop 16) on the private property section off Waterfall Rd. They would build once or twice a week through the rest of the season finishing approximately 600ft of trail. There is about 1200ft left to complete to connect the two NCC sections. Nice work guys!

Retired Crew – Alan, Kevin and Ward scouting for future connections.

2013 Trail Stats:
123 work days
2,758 Hours
7,000ft of trail

Bob Rigsby
Top Dog Robert Rigsby modeling the safety glasses donated by Eagle Vision.

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Public Meeting

Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Public Meeting
February 13th 5-7 p.m.
Carson City Community Center- Bonanza Room
851 East Williams Street

Lumos & Associates’ Tom Young and Chas Macquarie survey the Ash Creek bridge site

Carson City and Muscle Powered have been working with the U.S. Forest Service and public for many years to develop a trail system along the foothills of the Carson Range with connectivity to Carson City. Most of the trail will be located on Forest Service lands and some will be on Carson City lands. The project proposes to construct approximately 6 miles of single-track trail designed for non-motorized uses including mountain biking, hiking and equestrian between Ash Canyon and Kings Canyon. Trail access points will be Kings Canyon Road, Waterfall Road, and Ash Canyon Road

This meeting is one of the last steps before we can start construction on what is sure to be a fantastic trail!

If you would like to learn more about this project,  have questions, or would like to show support for the trail, please attend this meeting.


Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail Update

Cell over Carson.jpg

View from the future trail. Elev-6100′

The future Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail (KC/ACT) will be a seven mile non-motorized multi-use trail designed for mountain biking and running, and managed for hiking and equestrian use.


Chas Macquarie (Lumos & Assoc.) and Toby Welborn survey the Ash Creek bridge crossing.

After we work out a few details with the City (we’re reviewing the final draft of a cooperative agreement between Muscle Powered and Carson City) we can start construction on the City owned land while we work toward meeting the environmental requirements on the U.S.F.S managed land. We believe this arrangement will speed up the completion date of the trail. By the time trail crews reach the U.S.F.S. boundary, the NEPA process should be complete and we can continue building through to our goal of reaching Kings Canyon.


Juan Guzman (w/camera) Chas Macquarie, Mark Kimbrough, and Dan Morris (USFS) discuss Ash Creek bridge crossing.

Two thirds of the KC/ACT is on land managed by the U.S.F.S., while one third of the alignment is on land owned by Carson City. Our only requirement before construction can begin on City land is to conduct a cultural survey, and in November 2010, Vidler Water’s archeologist Jim Hutchins generously donated his time to perform the survey. Thanks Jim! When it comes to federal land though, we have to comply with the NEPA. And while the cultural survey is one component of NEPA, the other studies we need to complete are hydrology, wildlife, and botanical.

Dr Jim.jpg

Archeologist Dr. Jim taking notes.

Plant Identification.jpg

Kelly, Natalie and Ann discussing plant identification.

On Friday, June 10th, I guided U.S Forest Service botanists Kelly and Natalie across the KC/ACT alignment for the botanical survey. Joining us were Carson City Natural Resources Specialist Ann Bollinger, and Muscle Powered hike leader and board member Donna Inverson.

Big Boulder.jpg

The trail will pass just below the big boulder.

It takes quite a long time to cross the alignment. When we mapped the trail in June of 2010 it took us six hours to cross. To prepare for the upcoming surveys we re-flagged the area and it took us 11 hours to cross. The new deadfall and the rapid re-vegetation make this a difficult area to cross. Fortunately the “ologists” haven’t found anything that will require us to reroute any sections yet.

Kelly,Natalie & Donna.jpg

Kelly, Natalie and Donna.

We hope to start construction on the KC/ACT at the end of June or beginning of July. With all volunteer labor it will take us approximately five years to reach Kings Canyon. To achieve an earlier completion date we are pursuing grants that will fund a professional trail crew to assist in trail construction.

Amy T&K at the high point of the proposed Trail.jpg

Tank, Kayla and Amy at the trail’s high point: 6700′

If you would like to become involved with this project please contact me at: jeffpotter@musclepowered.org.

This project wouldn’t happen without the assistance and support from our outstanding partners and friends:

Amy Potter
Anne Macquarie
Chas Macquarie
Steve Hartman
Howard Riedl
Janice Brod
Roger Moelendorf
Juan Guzman
Ann Bolinger
Vern Krahn
Jim Hutchins
Toby Welborn
Amanda Garcia
Lester FitzHenry
Jeff Moser
Oliver Lieder
Keith Conrad
Alex Kirkpatrick
Josh Lynn
Ward Knous
Marcus Marcheggar
Jenny Scanland
Pat Glancy
Max Jones
Dr. Sandra Koch
Vdler Water
Carson City Runners
Sagebrush Stompers
Carson City-Open Space Advisory Committee
Board of Supervisors
Parks and Recreation Commission
U.S. Forest Service-Genny Wilson
Dan Morris
Tank, Kayla, Zuesa, Bogart & Percy


This trail wouldn’t be possible without Tank.