Mayor accompanies Fritsch students to school

Story by By Teri Vance originally appearing on the Nevada Appeal

Although they woke to a blustery morning, the Gudmundson girls did not waver in their commitment to walk to school as part of International Walk to School Day on Wednesday.

“The girls were going to walk, rain or shine,” said their mother Amber Little. “We’re kind of like the post office today.”

Mayor Bob Crowell walks kids to school - photo by Teri Vance / Nevada Appeal

Little, the president of the parent-teacher association at Fritsch Elementary School, encouraged other parents to walk their children to school as well.

“Part of the mission of the PTA is to empower children by engaging families in school,” she said.

As a bonus, she invited Mayor Bob Crowell to join them on their walk.

“It’s a good way to involve community leaders,” she said. “And he can show his Bulldog spirit.”

Undaunted by the rain, Crowell accepted the invitation.

“I think it’s wonderful, because it not only promotes education, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “Those lessons are critical, and it’s good to learn them early in life.”

They also were joined by the girls’ grandfather Jim Atkins.

“I usually don’t get a chance to see them get to school in the morning,” he said. “So this is a first for me.”

Sponsored by Safe Routes to School, International Walk to School Day encourages students to walk or bike to school “as the first step to change community culture and create environments that are more inviting for everyone, young and old,” according to the organization’s website.

The purpose is to enhance health, to improve the environment and to create safer routes for walking and bicycling.

Brooke Gudmundson, 8, was honored to be accompanied by Crowell.

“It’s kind of cool,” she said. “Not many people get to walk with the mayor to school.”

Her little sister, Riley, was less impressed.

“I don’t mind,” she said.


CAMPO / RTC Meeting Alert

There are a few items on June’s CAMPO/RTC agenda that are important Carson City pedestrians and cyclists! Please take the time from your busy schedule to attend these meetings and show your support for these important projects. Your presence and voice really do make a difference!

Ride with the City Supervisors

On the agenda:

  • Safe Routes to School
  • Freeway Multi-Use Path
  • Bicycle Friendly Community application review

When: June 8th, 4:30 PM
Where: Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room (west side of the building)

Full meeting agendas can be viewed here:

CAMPO Agenda
RTC Agenda

Clear Sidewalks

It has been a hard week of bicycling commuting for me. The winter snow and ice have made my trips slow going, doubling the time it takes to make my simple two mile journey. Before the storms hit, my backup plan was to simply walk to work if the conditions got too bad. But after traveling the roads for a week, it became apparent that walking may be even tougher. Very few sidewalks had been cleared, offering pedestrians only the option of walking out in the street with the cars. Muscle Powered’s Dan Allison recently wrote a letter to the editor discussing just this issue.

Morning Commute
Shovel those sidewalks!

Clear sidewalks for City’s School Children
by Dan Allison (originally published in the Nevada Appeal)

Our recent snowfall, the biggest since January 2005, has left our sidewalks deep in snow. Many people have cleared their sidewalks already, and those who did so Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, and had direct sunlight on Tuesday, have clear and dry sidewalks.

Many students walk to school in the snow, some because they chose to, and others because their families have no other transportation options. An uncleared sidewalk is a great hazard to these students, whether they are walking on the snow or are forced into the street.

On behalf of all students in Carson City, I’d like to thank those homeowners, apartment managers and business owners who promptly clear their sidewalks after a storm. Whether on their way to school or the bus stop, these students will be safer because of your effort.

It may be that the city’s snow removal policy, which accepts that sidewalks will be blocked, has not changed, but in actual practice, the city’s snowplow drivers have been much more careful about not throwing snow onto sidewalks this time around.

Drivers, please keep in mind that children and adults will be forced into walking on the edges of the streets until sidewalks are cleared or melt off. Please slow down and give them a wide berth — they are our most vulnerable users and are doing the best they can getting where they need to go.

Dan Allison
Safe Routes to School Coordinator